Arcadia resident Terrah Hancock recently published her first book titled It Never Took: A Memoir, which documents the abuse she suffered at the hands of her parents and family.

Hancock not only details the many episodes of abuse she received throughout her life, but also how she overcame what happened to her. 

“I was doing therapy and felt I’d come full circle,” Hancock said. “I understood that what had happened to me really had occurred, unlike what my parents had always claimed. It was really bad. The writing process was very therapeutic.”

Sharing her story has aided Hancock in her road to recovery, and she hopes it will empower other survivors of child abuse. The sensitive topic has resonated with many readers, including some who work in the realm of child abuse every day. 

Laurel Jacobs, a clinical program manager for the National Abuse Hotline, said the memoir is “thoughtful, witty, insightful and unflinchingly honest.”

“There is so much power in sharing this story with the world: survivors will find it to be validating, relatable, and empowering, and mental health professionals can learn from Terrah’s vivid example of true resiliency.”

Hancock wants her memoir to convey to abuse survivors that what happened to them isn’t their fault, and there’s nothing wrong with them. She wants them to understand that it’s okay and normal to seek therapy and help in confronting their past terrors. Most importantly, she wants them to know that they’re entitled to a happy, prosperous and stable life.

“Child abuse physically damages your brain in different locations,” Hancock said. “It leaves behind real wounds, but there are therapeutic modalities to target and heal these wounds.”

Hancock has used a variety of these therapies, including dialectical behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy.

“I have complex post-traumatic stress disorder which results from years and years of abuse at the hands of a caregiver,” Hancock said. “While I do feel healed now, I’m still in support groups.”

Hancock was born in Mexico, but the family traveled extensively and lived in Texas and California before settling in Scottsdale, where she graduated from Chaparral High School.

Today, she is the mother of two and has been happily married for the last five years. She is currently pursuing an advanced marketing degree at Cornell University online.

Her memoir is available on Amazon.