Will It Stick

Alexis Krisay and Melissa DiGianfilippo celebrated the kick-off of their podcast in February 2021.

Local marketing experts Melissa DiGianfilippo and Alexis Krisay have launched a new podcast called Will it Stick?, a show that explores the history of marketing campaigns that have succeeded and failed over the years.

“We look at big brands, small brands, and we evaluate PR and marketing stunts and ad campaigns and dive into how they came up with the idea, how did they execute it and of course, did it work and will it stick,” Krisay said. 

Will it Stick focuses on storytelling, with each host doing their research and bouncing ideas and information off of each other. They use reputable sources and news sites so they can cover the consumer and the business angles. 

The duo said they are fascinated with brands that find loopholes and shock the public with their publicity. 

“The brands that try and fail but get up and try again is equally intriguing. We also use it for our creative inspiration, and we hope others do too,” DiGianfilippo said.

The podcast has covered topics like the Taco Bell Liberty Bell and Lucky Strike’s campaign for women smokers. Krisay said that the Lucky Strike campaign is the craziest one she’s learned about as of now.

“It’s so far back in history, and it’s insane how a PR person transformed an entire era,” she said. “Women were never allowed to smoke, so they did a PR stunt and had women modeling down 5th Avenue, all smoking, and that was the first time people saw women smoking in public. It was crazy.”

DiGianfilippo said that the LifeLock campaign, where the founder put his social security number out into the world and invited people to hack his identity, is the most shocking idea she’s heard of yet. 

“It failed miserably, and someone stole his identity. That episode was crazy fun to cover. The cool thing is that the company still survived and thrived,” she said.

Both women have been in the PR and marketing industry for around 17 years. Krisay worked as the director of marketing for a real estate and leasing company, and DiGianfilippo worked at a Valley marketing agency. The two joined forces in 2008 to start their own brand marketing and PR company called Serendipit Consulting.

“Melissa and I knew each other through the marketing world, and we each valued each other’s work ethic before even really being friends,” Krisay said. “We found ourselves in unique situations and wanted freedom and flexibility – so we started a company that was the two of us and took on clients, and today we’re much bigger and feel very fortunate.”

The duo said that the ultimate goal with the podcast is to take their work to the next level and share it with the world. 

“We intend to have fun and build a community of people who love to listen to these stories and be inspired by them,” DiGianfilippo said. 

Some future episodes will be about PETA, Burger King and the airline industry in the 60s. The episodes air every Wednesday anywhere podcasts are available.