Look out, America’s Got Talent, a new competition is in town – although the contestants aren’t human. Chicken’s Got Talent is the brainchild of Chickens.org, a local nonprofit whose mission is to combat malnutrition and poverty through education and the promotion of sustainable food choices.

Chickens.org started in 2020 with their Coops and Gardens Initiative to help people set up sustainable operations and teach them how to raise hens for their nutrient-rich eggs.

“Many people started raising chickens this year,” Sutton said. “It’s such a fun and rewarding experience that doesn’t take a lot of time, effort or space. I have chickens, too, and I think we truly fall in love with them.”

The initiative’s goal is also to build coops and gardens in elementary schools, particularly those that are located in underserved communities.

“If kids eat two eggs a day, they get all the protein they need to grow up healthy and strong,” Program Manager Molly Sutton said. “And when they’re healthy and strong, they focus better in school, which helps break the cycle of poverty.”

To raise awareness for the initiative, the nonprofit launched a competition for chickens, fittingly called Chicken’s Got Talent. 

“We’re pretty active on Instagram, and we saw these amazing, talented birds, so we thought what a fun way to share valuable information,” Sutton said.

The organization posted a casting call on social media, and chicken owners from around the globe submitted video auditions of their talented fowls.

Chickens.org also reached out to Paradise Valley’s Desert View Learning Center and asked their first-grade students to be the official judges of the competition. 

After auditions closed, the videos were released for public voting while the judges also cast their votes. The results and winners were posted on their website and Instagram.

Hazel, a Red Star chicken, and her owner, Anna Pinto, from Murrysville, Pennsylvania, took first-place for Hazel’s ace of diamonds card trick. They won a $100 gift card to Tractor Supply Company, a t-shirt and a trophy.

Second- and third-place winners were awarded a t-shirt, a trophy, and bragging rights for their achievements in the inaugural season of Chicken’s Got Talent. 

The nonprofit plans on making the talent show an annual event.