When you step through the door of Oh One Eight Coffee, you’ll notice the origami butterflies, the brightly colored walls and the comfy seating arrangement at the front. This is the vision of Lane and Jorah Visage, who opened the shop as a place for people to drink coffee, relax and let their creativity flow. 

Located on the southwest corner of 40th St. and Indian School, in the former White Cup Coffee space, Oh One Eight officially opened in early April. 

Lane says that he and Jorah had been looking for the right spot since 2016. 

“The creative space component was the one thing that we were certain about from the very start. Jorah, having taught preschoolers up through high schoolers, has always been a creator and has always loved making every place into a creative space,” Lane said. 

Lane is originally from Montana and moved to Tucson in 1994. Jorah was born in Phoenix and  attended Arcadia High School. The pair met in Tucson and were married 18 years ago. Before the coffee shop, Lane was part of the corporate world, but a different career path was always in the back of his mind. 

“I’ve always been interested in creating something that was ‘ours.’ I have a passion for positive interactions with folks, whether it be customers, employees or co-workers,” Lane said. 

After leaving his last job, Lane did freelance consulting while looking for a place to find both a work/life balance and joy in his employment. The coffee shop, however, was Jorah’s idea. 

“It has been a fun learning experience, a lot of work and a source of pride to make something that provides value and service like the shop does,” Lane said. “Also, it’s fun to spend the day in a comfortable space. My favorite part is the great conversation with guests, neighbors and locals who have already turned into regulars.” 

Lane said he and Jorah never had another location far from Arcadia in mind for their shop. Jorah’s parents both grew up in the neighborhood so when Lane and Jorah decided to move to Phoenix from Tucson, Arcadia was their first choice. Along with their children Paige and Troy, they have lived in the area since 2002. 

“When Jorah would commute to Arcadia from Tempe, she would tell me ‘I’m going to the 018.’ That’s where the name Oh One Eight comes from,” Lane said. 

Oh One Eight hosts public art workshops at the coffee shop several times a month. Lane said the workshops were part of the vision for their space from the start. 

Many of the artists are local and have held workshops at other venues. One artist, Aida Hatem, hosts her Pop Up Science and Art workshops out of her home and recently partnered with Oh One Eight for a Paper Flower Bouquet art project. 

Lane says events will be geared toward kids during the summer. 

“In addition to scheduled events, we’ll have a couple of available activities, both free and paid. Anyone who wants to can spend time drawing, painting or crafting while they socialize over a cup of coffee or tea,” Lane said. 

Examples of recent activities include dragon eggs, water coloring black-and-white photos and shrink art. 

Oh One Eight offers iced or hot coffee/espresso and tea-based drinks as well as baked goods that are created in the Arcadia neighborhood by Allison Siegal of the National Trifle Association. 

The treats vary with the seasons but will include cinnamon rolls, cherry scones, blackberry and blueberry muffins in addition to staples: almond poppy seed and zucchini walnut bread slices. 

For more: ohoneeight.com.