Jahnav received his award from his pack leaders at a February presentation.

The Boy Scouts of America recently honored Arcadian Jahnav Bhatnagar with the Cub Scout of the Year award. The nine-year-old has been part of Arcadia’s Cub Scout Pack 6 for the past four years. The award was presented to Jahnav in a ceremony in February. 

Criteria for the award include showing leadership and responsibility and being more than just involved with Cub Scouts.

As a member of Pack 6, Jahnav has garnered several recognitions, including the Messengers of Peace award, which is earned by Scouts who organize an event or do something that promotes peace in the community.

Jahnav helped establish a “Song Around the World” event at the age of six. Children in India (where he was visiting his grandmother at the time) logged into the Arcadia Pack meeting virtually, and they all sang songs together.

“It was his idea to Skype into the meeting and have the kids in India join for one ‘around the world’ Pack meeting,” Jahnav’s father, Anuj, said. “We are extremely proud of the recognition he has received. He really has taken the Scouting program to heart, and it is something that has worked with the philosophy of his school (Veritas) as well as our parenting philosophy.”

Jahnav also earned the Scoutstrong PALA (Presidential Activity Lifestyle Award). Scouts earn this by committing to 60-minutes a day of physical fitness for 30 days. 

“I always try to show effort and kindness in Scouts and out of Scouts,” Jahnav said. “When I won this award, I felt honored and proud, but there are many Scouts who deserve the same honor.”

In the future, Jahnav plans to earn his Eagle Scout rank and hopes to be a leader and a Scoutmaster one day.