Geordie’s Spam Cubano


2501 E Telawa Trail

Phoenix, AZ 85016

Touring the Wrigley Mansion can be an overwhelming experience. While taking the tour with a friend, I absorbed a wealth of interesting artifacts and historical nuggets, a kind of welcome overload of fascinating information on the iconic Phoenix home. By the end, we needed a moment to decompress and talk about all we had just seen. Thankfully, there was a place to do that right in the home, at Geordie’s Restaurant.  

The main dining room at Geordie’s was once the site of parties hosted by William and Ada Wrigley, where guests ate their food at a massive wooden table, that has since been somehow squeezed out the doors and up the stairs to a different spot in the home. If guests are just looking for a conversation over drinks, Jamie’s Wine Bar is to the left, with windows that offer a view down the mountain.  

But with a day of beautiful weather, the decision for where my friend and I would sit wasn’t a difficult one. We wanted to sit on the narrow outdoor patio, where we could enjoy the cool spring day and take in the sights. And frankly, even an average meal would be worth it for this view. The open-air terrace has a completely unobstructed vantage to the southwest, with an elevated view of the entire city, including downtown Phoenix in the distance.  

One very enjoyable aspect of sitting outdoors at Geordie’s isn’t really obvious unless you pause to think about it. Halfway through the meal, I realized how absolutely quiet and peaceful the ambience was. There is a road that runs below the mansion, but it isn’t a main road, which meant a welcome absence of constantly running cars that can often accompany patio seating. The bustling city can be enjoyed with serenity from above.  

Starters at Geordie’s include a variety of salads, including a Beet & Red Oak Salad, which my friend decided to go with. I went a different direction, opting for a Roasted Red Pepper Soup. The flavor of this is almost like a spicy tomato soup, with a thick and creamy texture.  

There are several enticing entrees, from chicken pesto pasta, to quinoa bowls and hamburgers. 

But there was one particular item that was just too unique to ignore. Geordie’s is named after Geordie Hormel, who along with his wife Jamie, bought the Wrigley Mansion in 1992 and saved it from demolition. Geordie was the grandson of George A. Hormel, who was the founder of Hormel Foods Corporation, which sold a variety of foods under many brands. One of the most famous was Spam.  

That’s right. Would you be able to run your eyes past HORMEL Spam Cubano on a menu without going back to look twice? My friend and I had to try this entrée, knowing that it was either going to be delicious or really bad. There just doesn’t seem to be an in between with Spam.  

Fortunately, this sandwich was delicious. First of all, the presentation is fantastic, with the side of chips stacked in an actual Spam can. The Spam is topped with pulled pork, smoked gouda, pickles and chipotle mayo, blending smoky and sweet into each bite. Although the view from the Wrigley patio would make an average meal a worthwhile experience, Geordie’s does one better and lets you enjoy the food as well.