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4325 E Indian School Rd, Suite 145, Phoenix AZ 85018


Trying to eat healthy is a struggle we all deal with. We know it is good for us, important, and will improve the way we feel. But actually doing it on a consistent basis is tough. Most of us are busy trying to balance the demands of a work life with our family and social lives, and eating healthy requires real time and effort. 

An answer to this problem can now be found nearby, with two different “healthy food while on the go” restaurants having popped up in the last couple of months, d’Lite and Eat Fit Go. 

d’Lite is familiar with many in the community, with a location at Scottsdale and Thomas Road having been opened for years. Now they’ve opened a new location, on the northeast corner of 32nd and Indian School Road. 

d’Lite gives you the option of eating in, or pulling into the drive-thru if you’ve got somewhere to be. It isn’t all food, as they have an extensive menu of protein shakes, smoothies, juices and coffees. The food offerings include breakfast burritos, soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps.  

A light and delicious option is the Veggie d’Lite, which is essentially like eating a fresh salad between two pieces of warm flatbread. Cucumbers, greens, avocados and tomatoes are covered in a creamy cucumber spread that gives the entire offering a tangy feel. One of the most popular dishes is the Signature Tuna Sandwich. Unlike other tuna sandwiches, this one is served hot, with white cheddar cheese melting over the tuna, which is combined with onions, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers. Dill is the ingredient that truly makes it stand out, and it’s hard to imagine finding a better version of a tuna sandwich around. 

Eat Fit Go is all about eating healthy as well. But if you’re too busy to even eat for the next few hours, they’ve got it figured out for you. No one starts making the food when you order at Eat Fit Go because the meals have already been made. When you pull into the shopping complex on the southwest corner of Indian School and 44th and walk into the store, you’ll be greeted by multiple large refrigerators with clear doors on your left. Piled inside are stacks of chef-made meals that have already been prepared and are ready to go in easy-to-carry plastic containers. The food is never frozen, and getting a meal here is as easy as grabbing the container, paying and walking out. 

All the meal needs is a couple minutes of microwaving, but this doesn’t taste like some kind of tv dinner. The selections are all over the map, from Salmon Alfredo and Jambalaya Bowls, to Spinach Enchiladas and Vinny’s Fit Pasta. An easily accessible option is the Fajita Smart Chicken Bowl, loaded with rice, beans, bell peppers and a sweet and spicy pico de gallo sauce. Those looking for an outside the box pick could go with the Savory Sheperd’s Pie, which is stuffed with well-seasoned turkey and parmesan that adds a savory flavor. 

We can’t eat out every day, but on those busy late afternoons when coming up with a dinner plan seems impossible, having some healthy options nearby can make all the difference.