4041 E. Thomas Road Phoenix, AZ 85018

Here’s a small look behind the scenes at the making of the Arcadia News.

There’s a date each month that is circled on the calendar, a date when the work stops and the tinkering ceases. Print day. When print day arrives, what we have is what we have, and nothing else can be added. This means that the rest of the month is all geared toward having everything we need for the issue by that day. 

The first week and a half of the month is easy going. Reporters work on their stories, the advertising and editorial departments prepare what they can, all in a relaxed atmosphere. By the end of the second and third week, the stories are turned in and the production process starts to ramp up. The final week can be an overwhelming blur, with long hours of scrambling for last minute information and fact checking every sentence of the paper. 

That final week can be exhausting for all of us in the office. With an overload of work and time running out, we can get cranky around here without some good food to look forward to. Thankfully, Rosati’s Pizza has stepped up to solve that problem during many production weeks at the Arcadia News. 

Rosati’s was founded in Chicago during the 1960s, and eventually became the second largest local chain of restaurants in the city. Our local location sits at the corner of 40th St. and Thomas Road, and features a collection of Italian offerings that includes pasta, sandwiches and salads. 

But when we decide Rosati’s, we just go straight for the pizza. Our go-to order is the Double Dough, a hand-rolled crust that is twice as thick as normal. The dough is made fresh each day and baked on a traditional rotating pizza deck oven, which turns the crust into a mix of crunch and chewy. A signature trait of Rosati’s is the square slices on the circular pizza, allowing you to choose a cheesy center piece or crunchy crust. 

The pizza you’re mostly likely to see at our office is the Rosati’s Monster, which is loaded with sausage, pepperoni, mushroom, olives and onions. The tangy and sweet tomato sauce is a particular favorite of the staff. The delivery option is a huge help too, as it gives us more time to fact-check the more complicated stories for the seventh time. 

There are many great pizza options in our neighborhood, and we’re thankful for Rosati’s for getting us through many a production week, which makes the printing of the Arcadia News possible!