Provision Coffee Bar

4501 N. 32nd St., Phoenix

The customers order their drinks and head to a table to wait. When the server approaches, she isn’t carrying a glass. She’s bringing an entire tray, a drink mixer, three different types of glasses and a torch. It’s a presentation that is completely unique. Especially because we’re not talking about a cocktail. We’re talking about a cup of coffee.  

Provision Coffee Bar is part of the new retail complex located at 32nd St. and Campbell, known as Campbell Commons. There are two decent-sized bars for serving customers and preparing drinks, but the overall layout of the place is sparse, with minimalistic décor surrounding the dozen or so tables.  

Tea and coffee are served, along with craft beer and wine in the evenings. There are a variety of desserts and baked goods to eat along with your coffee at Provision. Some of the most popular items are the selections of toast, served with different spreads on top, almost like a larger version of bruschetta. The sourdough toast is from Heft Bread, a local Phoenix bakery, and it would be hard to dislike any topping on this bread. Our favorites were the Smoked Prosciutto, with fig jam and rosemary, and the Avocado, which contains a real hit of spice with honey Sriracha sauce and sansho peppers.  

But it would be a waste to come to Provision and not try one of the signature coffee or espresso items. If you are looking for a little heat with your morning joe, the Casablanca might hit the spot. It’s a cold brew that is served with spiced honey, figgy pudding and black walnut bitters, and topped with cinnamon and cardamom. 

A couple other standouts from the menu are the Honey Lavender Latte and the Southwest Sunrise. The Honey Lavender is a latte with vanilla, lavender and local honey, perfect for those who need their coffee on the sweeter side. The Southwest Sunrise is another cold brew, but this one comes with mole bitters, simple syrup and an orange twist. Some of these drinks can be a little complicated to make, and it’s fun to stand at the bar and watch the baristas at work.  

But the star of the show is the Havana Nights, a cold brew which is served dine-in only, and there’s no need to try and peek over shoulders at the bar for this one. They bring the performance right to your table. The coffee, syrup, and mole bitters are all placed in a cocktail shaker for mixing. Next, the barista lights a small bowl of aromatic tobacco, which is then covered with your glass, to give the concoction just a hint of tobacco flavor. The coffee is then poured over ice and garnished with mint.  

One can tend to think of your morning coffee as something to get on the go. But if Provision is your choice, staying for the show might be the most fun thing to do.