Angel's Trumpet Ale House

44th St. and Oak St.

As a general rule in my family, any time we go out to eat, we have to get the wings as an appetizer. So imagine my delight when I sat down for dinner at Angel’s Trumpet Ale House and saw “Angel’s Wings” on the menu. First order of business taken care of. They have the classic hot sauce flavor or honey-infused Moose Drool brown ale – I went with the latter. And I was not disappointed. Heavily sauced, served with house bleu cheese dressing. 

Next order of business is drinks. Angel’s Trumpet has two huge billboards – one inside and one on the expansive patio – that list the 31 craft beers it offers. Now I’ll admit, I generally stick to domestic brews, but I’m willing to try anything, so I ordered a beer flight and chose six suds off of the board. You can also download the TapHunter app to see what beers they currently have on tap. The glasses are brought out in a cupcake tin, which is a great space-saver since the table was about to be taken over by plates of food. 

While I waited for dinner, I took a look around the massive building that is Angel’s Trumpet. The name comes from the owners’ last: Engelhorn. Get it? Engel = angel, horn = trumpet. Very clever. The building is an old Sears Auto Center, so the front windows are actually garage doors that open all the way to the ceiling. On the left side of the building is the Engelhorns’ other restaurant, Tall Glass, which is a cocktail lounge with bar seating and comfy looking couches and chairs. 

Dinner arrives and I am overtaken by the size of the Outlaw burger: bacon, cheddar, BBQ sauce and piled high with crispy onion strings. I also tried the BBQ brisket grilled cheese (if it’s not obvious by now, I really enjoy BBQ sauce). Root beer braised with pickled onions, tomatoes, mozzarella and fontina cheese. I picked fries for the side, which were lightly seasoned. They also offer coleslaw and salads for side orders. The only thing that threw me was the housemade ketchup – made with lime, it tasted more like marinara. And Angel’s Trumpet doesn’t offer Heinz. The “Farm” pizza flatbread was also good: goat and mozzarella, onion, zucchini, red pepper and mushroom. Tacos, burritos and salads are also available. 

Last order of business is of course, dessert. Angel’s Trumpet offers a housemade Pop-Tart which looks like a big Toaster Strudel. A different flavor is offered every month. This time around was the Bourbon Pecan and let me just say, I might have cried tears of joy after the first bite. Gooey and warm, with a touch of cinnamon; add a scoop of vanilla and you are, dare I say it, in heaven. 

Angel’s Trumpet’s other location is in downtown Phoenix. For more: