The Stand

3538 E Indian School Road, 85018


4375 E Indian School Road, 85018


To choose or not to choose. Sometimes we’re in the mood to kick back and explore our options when it comes to food. We want to pick from a lineup of ingredients and hand-select our order down to amount of individual pickle. But other times, it is overwhelming to have to decide. We don’t want to think about it, we just want what’s good. 

When it comes to burgers, Arcadia has the two sides of the choices coin only a few blocks apart.  

In the shopping center on the southwest corner of Indian School Road and 44th is Smashburger. Founded in 2007 in Denver, Colorado, the restaurant’s claim to fame is the specialized process of cooking the burgers on a flattop grill at a high heat. Today, there are Smashburgers in 37 different states. 

There are several ready-to-go burger options at Smashburger, including the Truffle Mushroom, and the Spicy Jalapeno Baja. But it’s the craft your own burger option that allows creativity to shine. You can choose beef, chicken, turkey or black bean, and can sandwich them between a variety of buns, including Pretzel Buns, Gluten-Free, Egg Bun and Chipotle Bun. 

The amount of toppings available can be overwhelming. There are ten different types of cheeses, like goat, habanero, and melted cheddar. There are over two dozen sauces and toppings, giving diners literally hundreds of different ways to create the specific burger they want. 

The flip-side to this is The Stand. Located at 3538 E. Indian School Road, The Stand has become something of an iconic Arcadia destination since its opening in 2013. Part of the reason for the success was the simplicity. The menu is brief, one burger, one fries offering, and several drinks. There are a few stand-in toppings that can be added, but most people just opt to go with The Standard, a fresh chuck patty with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, dill pickles and homemade stand sauce. 

There’s a freshness that is noticeable about The Standard, and there’s a reason for that. Everything is made fresh daily, from the ground-beef, to the hand-cut fries. The shakes are hand-spun as well, and those have garnered quite a following in the area. There are classics, like vanilla or chocolate, but the eye-catchers are the specialty shakes, which include chocolate chile and banana stand. Possibly the standout of the entire bunch is the salted dulce de leche, which leaves you with a balanced aftertaste of salty and sweet. 

Whether you head east or west on Indian School Road for your burger fix, there isn’t really a wrong choice.