Brat Haus spread


6025 N. 16th St., Phoenix

The easiest way to introduce a place like Brat Haus is with the words “backyard” and “barbecue.” 

Brat Haus recently opened its second location on the east side of 16th St. north of Bethany Home Road at the end of July. Unlike the full-service spot on Scottsdale Road, the new location lets guests order at the counter and seat themselves. The menu is posted on the wall and guests receive a number to place at their table. 

The new location is smaller than the Scottsdale one but packs a personality all of its own. 

There’s a patio in the front, with bright orange chairs and a faux-grass wall blocking out the noise and view of the traffic. A massive orange Adirondack chair bearing the Brat Haus logo is perfect for Instagram photos. 

While the menu for the Uptown location has fewer items than the Scottsdale one, the offerings are the same: brats, pretzels and house-made mustard, Belgian-style fries and burgers. 

My companion and I arrived around noon on a Monday, which turned out to be perfect, as there was no wait to order and seating available at the picnic-style tables. We kept our order straight to the point: a house-made Bavarian pretzel to start, the Sausage Board and the Big Weenie. 

There are four sauces that guests can choose from when they order fries: hush-hush, chipotle aioli, truffle aioli and ranch. We decided to rebel and got the sauces to dip our pretzel into, along with the beer cheese fondue that is included. 

Out of the five, there was a resounding “YUM” when it came to the hush-hush sauce, which is Brat Haus’ take on thousand island dressing. The sweetness of the sauce paired well with the saltiness of the pretzel. The chipotle aioli had a tangy kick and the truffle aioli was surprisingly mild and mellow. 

The atmosphere made the bratwurst part of the meal all the more enjoyable. There were men on their laptops trying to get work done in between bites, sure, but there were also groups relaxing with beers, talking shop and reminiscing about the old days. 

Then there was me, enjoying the house-made dijon mustard so much that I probably squeezed out half the bottle on my portion of the Big Weenie. Made with parsley, oregano and allspice and nestled comfortably in a Capistrano Bakery-made bun, I was transported to a grassy backyard, watching my dad crack jokes by the grill and my cousins play a game of Marco Polo in the pool. 

Guests can either order a build-your-own bratwurst or choose one of the house creations, such as the Southwestern Bison or the Lamb and Goat Currywurst. Brat Haus also offers sandwiches such as the Turkey Rueben or Chicken Burger. Guests are able to take Brat Haus with them when they leave – there is a cooler with hot dogs, Polish sausage, Haus Brats and more available for cooking at home. 

The Sausage Board comes with a “fun-size” portion of the Haus Brat, the Sweet Italian Brat and the Hot Italian Brat. I might have missed out on the spice, though, because none of them had me rushing for a glass of milk. The Hot Italian was cooked with garlic, chili flake and paprika…I added sauerkraut to ramp up the flavor a little bit. 

The adult beverage selection offers beers on tap, plus wine, canned beers and cocktails. Guests can “let their German out” and order beer in a stein or in “Das Boot,” which is a beer glass shaped like a cowboy boot. 

My friend and I lucked out by coming to this location. Next door, the owner of Brat Haus was busy working on his latest concept, which opened in early September. We were able to score a couple doughnuts from DoH!, which is a new doughnut and breakfast spot, to complete our lunch.