Sometimes life’s calling strikes at the strangest time…like while on a vacation. That is exactly what happened to Suni Taylor and her sister, Casi Lambson. Taylor was on a family vacation when the inspiration struck, directing them to follow a new calling: Open a food truck business.

While on vacation, the sisters decided to start researching food truck ideas to see what they could bring to the Valley. “We wanted something different, something that would make us stand out a bit,” said Taylor.

A few months later, while in Utah, they noticed a waffle truck with a long line. Taylor started researching the company, Waffle Love, and reached out to them. “It actually took them a while to respond to us,” said Taylor. “We had put a reservation down to go look at a food truck here in town and we were on our way to go look at it when the owners of Waffle Love finally responded.”

Taylor and her sister ended up going on a whirlwind trip to Utah, met with the owners of Waffle Love, who agreed to let them open a franchise here in Arizona.

“We thought this would be a fun, part-time job,” said Taylor. “I never imagined that it would turn into the operation that it is now.”

What they built turned into a successful waffle food truck, and now restaurant in Gilbert.

“It was always a dream of mine to open a restaurant, and this was a great way to fulfill that,” said Taylor. She also noted, “Summers are hard on food trucks! Who wants to stand outside in the heat? So, we are hoping to fix that with our store.”

The truck serves up unique waffle creations that keeps everyone talking and wanting more. The truck, store and catering business offer unique waffle creations that cannot be replicated. The waffles and ingredients are made fresh each day, either in the store or on the truck.

Taylor said she hopes to add more trucks and more stores in the Valley. “I would also love to see a big push in our catering. I think it’s a great way to make your event unique. Weddings, baby showers, meetings – waffles are great for all of them,” said Taylor.

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