Pub Note

The first time I discovered Arcadia was almost 40 years ago, during a recon patrol on my pedal-assisted cycle (fancy-man talk for moped). Growing up in the Midwest, I missed the fence-free yards that gave neighborhood kids large, grassy areas to run amok. Arcadia was as close as I’d come to finding it. Nearly every Saturday was spent rollin’ through the neighborhood at a 25-mph clip (30 if the wind cooperated), admiring and coveting.

Many years later, I worked nights for a book distributor in the area while languishing in a technical sales career during the day. There was an Arcadia News rack near my night gig, so I picked up a copy and read it cover-to-cover every month. In 1997, I resigned from both jobs and embarked on a four-month, spirit-refreshing tour of America in my Jeep. I wrote a book on a borrowed laptop during the adventure and decided once I got home, I was going to pursue a writing career.

The next year, I stopped by the Arcadia News office with some writing samples. This led to the birth of my humor column, Straight Up with a Twist. There were a few ideas knocked around for the name of the column. Greg’s Corner, My Turn and a couple other clichés were shot down. Since I was drinking martinis straight up with a twist of lime during that discussion, well, now you know.

Several months after I started writing for the paper, I was hired for advertising sales, which also included some graphic design and photography. I learned a lot about community newspapers, not knowing that I was being groomed. A couple years later, the owners (a husband-and-wife duo who started the paper) gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and sold me the Arcadia News.

There have been a lot of changes and enhancements to your neighborhood newspaper since then. We have been blessed with outstanding employees, writers, designers and photographers who have shared their talents with us over the years. This paper has won over 100 industry awards as a result of their hard work.

Our advertisers are phenomenal, and so are the readers who support those local businesses. We have many advertisers who have been in our paper for over 20 years!

We are very fortunate to be an award-winning community newspaper that has such a devoted following. After 30 successful years, the formula remains the same: bring good neighborhood news to the best community in the Valley. Do that right and the rest should fall into place.

Thank you for your continued support, Arcadia, and thank you for reading the Arcadia News

– Greg A. Bruns