Amie Lyon and Kris Kainass

Amie Lyon and Kris Kainass.

Some say that wine is more of a lifestyle than a beverage. Arcadia moms and wine aficionados Kris Kainass and Amie Lyon enthusiastically agree.

 The two have parlayed their love of wine into a new business venture called Fit Fun Wine. As sales representatives and consultants for the “clean-crafted” wine producer Scout and Cellar, Kainass and Lyon tout that they are ready to “disrupt the wine industry.”

 “Many commercial wines contain a plethora of additives,” Lyon said. “S&C, however, is free from any sugars, GMO ingredients, synthetic pesticides, dyes or chemicals. You wouldn’t eat a burger that was full of junk ingredients, so why should your wine experience be any different?” 

While wine was “love at first sight” for Kainass, the relationship started to go astray when she noticed changes in her physical reaction to wine, which led to a re-examination of her original passion.

 “I loved the taste, but it started to keep me up at night,” she explained. “I’d also feel groggy the next day. As much as I love wine, it just wasn’t worth it any longer, and I pretty much stopped drinking it altogether.”

 Lyon had similar experiences. The discovery of S&C turned out to be the perfect way to revive the duo’s zeal. 

 “S&C has particular vineyards they work with,” Lyon said. “They travel the world, finding small family-run vineyards that only handpick their grapes and make wine the way nature intended. They are so committed to excellence; the wine is double tested at the University of California Davis to verify it’s free of junk.”

 Client Libby Short is a firm believer in the business as well. “I used to wake up with a stuffy nose and headache, no matter how much wine I had the night before. After drinking S&C wine, I have absolutely no side effects the next day.” 

After recently launching their business, Lyon realized that Fit Fun Wine possessed the potential to generate money and positively impact the community.

 “Now that we have a footing, we realize there is a real opportunity to bring people together over wine, whether it’s during cooking, family time, or gathering with friends,” Lyon said. “Community building is the most important aspect of our new venture.”

 To promote their inclusive philosophy, Kainass and Lyon provide Zoom wine tastings where they bring wine samples to your door, free consultations, a monthly newsletter, social media videos and a wine club.

Eager to improve others’ lives outside the community, the duo gives a portion of sales to a nonprofit each quarter. Their current charity is Teen Lifeline, a support center staffed by teens who help other teens with questions and concerns.

 Kainass and Lyon have found that human connection isn’t lost; it is just being overshadowed. They see this business as an opportunity to bring that connection back. 

“The bigger our base gets, we can see hiking clubs, book clubs and community events being part of our business venture,” Lyon said. “Fit Fun Wine extends far beyond what is in your glass.”

 Visit the FitFunWine Instagram and Facebook pages.