The mission of the C4 Foundation is to contribute to the mental and physical health and well-being of active duty U.S. Navy SEALs and their family members to preserve family unity. Families will learn about animal welfare, ranch practices, and gain amazing experiences from their companionship.

Five years after Navy SEAL Charles Humphrey Keating IV was killed in action in Iraq, his family continues to honor his legacy with the C4 Foundation – a charity dedicated to providing resources and support for active duty SEALs and their families.

“The U.S. Navy SEALs, based in Coronado, California, is the most renowned and effective special operations force globally. They protect us silently and secretly on missions in dark and desperate and dangerous lands far away from home,” C4 Foundation Board Member DeAnn Dana said. 

Dana explained that SEAL families pay a high price with these missions because the pre-deployment training cycle is typically twelve to eighteen months out of state or the country.

The average mission deployment duration is six to nine months and always out of the country. 

“These factors place substantial stresses on the family leading to a high SEAL community divorce rate and the break-up of families, which leads to less concentration on the battlefield,” Dana said.

The mission of the C4 Foundation is to educate and provide programs that enable SEAL families to deal with the stresses placed upon them and to keep SEAL families intact. These programs take place at the C4 Ranch in northern San Diego County.

The ranch spans 560 acres, with outdoor activities provided for families like fishing, hiking, horseback riding, camping, farming and a petting zoo. Found on the ranch are American bison, cattle, pigs, horses, chickens, rabbits, llamas, and a mini-donkey.

The ranch has an on-site solar energy generator, water wells, windmills, as well as six lakes.

Along with the foundation’s programs, it also hosts three annual fundraising events held in Arizona and California. The Arizona event took place in May at Scottsdale Airpark.

This month the foundation is hosting a Fourth of July celebration on July 3 at the Hotel Del Coronado with local Arizona band Nate Nathan and the Mac Daddy-O’s.

The last event for 2021 will be a golf tournament and live auction held in October in San Diego.

The foundation also hosts and sponsors other events throughout the year, including C4 Platoon Dinners.

“Since we are a relatively new organization, we have created an organic grassroots platform on what we call C4 Platoon Dinners. We have these dinners with a small group of people in communities throughout the U.S. to spread awareness about our mission,” Dana said. 

C4 Foundation’s ultimate goal is to honor Charlie H. Keating IV by helping to strengthen and preserve U.S. Navy SEAL families that are faced with unique family dynamic challenges. 


Fourth of july celebration:

What: Celebrate Independence Day with Nate Nathan and the Mac Daddy-O’s, fireworks, music, dancing and food!

When: Saturday, July 3

Where: Hotel Del Coronado, 500 Orange Ave., Coronado, CA