There’s more to February than candy hearts and romance. Wedged between the new year and the start of spring, February’s festive days can get lost between fireworks, love letters and shamrocks. 2020 might be the year that these holidays get some recognition. 


Sunday, February 2

It’s the halfway mark between winter and spring. Imbolc is an ancient celebration of Celtic origins celebrated by pagans. The idea is to welcome spring and start saying goodbye to winter. Celebrate by cleaning the house, lighting candles, taking an aromatherapy bath or visiting and enjoying a natural waterway. 

World Cancer Day

Tuesday, February 4

According to the National Cancer Institute, just over 1.73 million people are diagnosed with cancer in the United States every year. World Cancer Day is a day to spread awareness and support. Getting involved can be as simple as sharing a personal story on social media. Just use the hashtag “#WorldCancerDay.” 

National Pizza Day

Sunday, February 9

The global pizza industry was last reported to be worth $144.68 billion, according to the Pizza Power Report by the trade publication Pizza Magazine. Celebrate by eating pizza and posting about it on social media (#NationalPizzaDay). There are a ton of free pizza deals – just type “pizza day deals 2020” into Google to find businesses taking part. 

Lincoln’s Birthday

Wednesday, February 12

As our country’s 16th president, Lincoln led our nation through the Civil War and issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which abolished slavery. On his birthday, celebrate his legacy and achievements by learning more about him and American history.  

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Monday, February 17

Don’t just think ofkind things to do, do them! Celebrate #RandomActsofKindnessDay by picking up trash, tipping a little extra on your daily coffee run, or sending someone a nice message. 

National Drink Wine Day

Tuesday, February 18

This “holiday” celebrates the togetherness fostered by popping open a bottle of wine and sharing it with others. “Friendships, great times and reduced risk of heart disease are all great reasons to drink wine,” according to Many neighborhood wine bars and eateries have National Drink Wine Day specials. 

World Day of Social Justice

Thursday, February 20

The United Nations dubbed February 20 #SocialJusticeDay in 2007. It’s estimated that about 2 billion people “live in fragile and conflict-affected situations” across the planet, according to the UN. This observance recognizes the social injustices in job creation, income and safe workplaces still happening across the globe. To participate, simply take time to get educated on the industries fueling social issues. 

National Margarita Day

Saturday, February 22

Margarita Day is another boozy holiday in February that brings dozens of margarita specials to cantinas and restaurants across Phoenix. The Vig, Taco Guild and Tocaya Organica were just a few nearby spots that offered specials in 2019. 

Spay Day

Tuesday, February 25

When the weather starts to warm-up, “baby-making season” is officially on. Since most animal shelters reach full capacity in spring, and feral cats aren’t usually “adoptable,” animal lovers advocate trapping, spaying and/or neutering and re-releasing programs to control neighborhood animal populations. Folks have an option to help the stray cats in their community:

International Polar Bear Day

Thursday, February 27

It’s easy to feel helpless while watching news stories of stranded polar bears on blocks of floating ice in the Arctic Ocean. Speak with your friends and family about the effects of climate change and make a pledge to do something to reduce your carbon footprint. For more: