The X-Games better prepare for Mia Lovell to hit the ramps! 

Lovell, who attends Veritas Prep, has been skateboarding since she was four years old. Now, at 11, she’s participated in more than 10 competitions during the past two years. 

Lovell’s father was a skateboarder when he was younger and also participated in snowboarding, motocross and car racing. Lovell discovered she shared his passions and followed in his footsteps – right to the vertical ramps. 

“I have progressed a lot by putting in hard work, time, and perseverance,” said Lovell. “Some tricks I get lucky and land them easily, while others can take me six months to learn. Some tricks take 1,000 tries before mastering. It is so frustrating, but so rewarding in the end.”

Lovell has conquered tricks including kick flipping six stairs, ollieing over a ten-stair set, a double kick flip, heel flips, skating a 13 ½-foot vert ramp and bowl skating. 

Skateboarding has become a full-time routine for Lovell, who skates five days a week and works with a private coach. She also travels with Skate True Shuttle, visiting the Valley’s 35 skate parks. 

“My parents are super supportive and built me a dream concrete skate park in our backyard, complete with a 9-foot vert wall and a pro-style skate bowl so I can practice a lot at home,” Lovell says.  

And all of that practice and parental support is paying off for Lovell.

She placed first in seven competitions around the Valley in the past two years. Her biggest accomplishment, she says, is taking second place in the 14 and under amateur division last year at Exposure, the largest all-female skate competition in the world in Encinitas, California. 

“At Woodward West, a skateboarding camp in California, I entered a mini ramp contest,” said Lovell. “My friends told me to do the advanced division where I was the only girl out of ten boys. I took first place and was so hyped. It was fun to beat the boys!” 

Lovell has also been featured on the cover of “Raising Arizona Kids” magazine and ABC 15’s Small Stars. 

“It’s been awesome to see a sport I love get attention and positive feedback,” Lovell says.  

When Lovell isn’t on four wheels, she also loves to surf and snowboard, and riding motocross with her dad. She hopes to play basketball on her middle school team and loves being outdoors. Lovell’s little sister and her mom have also started to learn how to skate.   

“My ultimate goal is to have fun and continue progressing. I’ve met so many rad people and traveled to some amazing places because of skating,” Lovell says. “I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”