Spooky season is here and one of the best ways to keep the scares coming is by heading to one of the Valley’s haunted houses. Here are a few of the must-see spots to keep your heart racing and remind you to always lock your doors at night… 


Fear Farm 

2209 N. 99th Ave., Phoenix 

Tickets: $25-$35   


Fear Farm is continuing its “20 years of fear” as one of the biggest haunting grounds in the Valley. There are six attractions, including Bunker: The Arrival, Slaughterhouse, Pumpkin Witch, The Plague, Fallout and a haunted corn maze. Make sure to wear the right shoes because you will be chased!


13th Floor 

2814 W. Bell Road, Phoenix 

Tickets: $25-$35   


Get your scare on at one of the most famous haunted houses in Arizona. Every year the 13th Floor haunted house creates new floor plans to keep fans on their toes. This year, visitors can witness monsters from the silver screen come back to life in an abandoned theater or escape the rise of the dead and see if they have what it takes to come out alive.

Scarizona Scaregrounds 

1901 N. Alma School Road, Mesa 

Tickets: $15-$40   


If you’re looking for a night of screams, Scarizona is the place to be – for all ages. Attractions include an old slaughterhouse, military transports, dark and confined spaces and a trip into a virtual reality. To top off a night of terror, guests can try out an interactive paintball experience where they can assist in hunting down and escaping a zombie apocalypse. 

Sanctum of Horror 

6555 E. Southern Ave., Mesa 

Tickets: $22-$32  


Emerge into the darkness of Sanctum of Horror starting on weekends in October and experience a new kind of fear. Participants can use only the light of a candle to get through their journey. However, there is a catch. The candle will not be handed to you, you must go on an adventure and find it. Be careful, because the creatures of Sanctum might sense your presence. 

Haunted Graveyard AZ 

8414 E. Valley Vista Dr., Scottsdale 

Tickets: $5 donation  


For just a few days in October, the Haunted Graveyard will open its doors for all who are ready for a scare. Beware of what’s behind the creaking doors and watch where you step, for you never know what terror awaits in the graveyard. The creators of this attraction have been haunting for over 30 years, so they know what they’re doing.