For more than a decade, Arcadia High School has hosted the annual Agora Arts Festival. Students showcase art from the district to help raise money to benefit the Free Arts of Arizona Foundation. 

Students raised $400 this year by selling small sculptures, handmade jewelry and other art. Students from Arcadia as well as Tavan, Hopi, Echo Canyon and Ingleside gathered at AHS to show the community their latest projects. 

“My favorite part of Agora is the sense of unity and the inclusive atmosphere it creates at Arcadia,” said Megan Little, president of the National Arts Honor Society (NAHS) at Arcadia. “It is the perfect time for club members, art students, families, friends and teachers to all come together and celebrate the value of art in all its forms – something which unfortunately seems to be losing importance in today’s STEM career-focused society.” 

“It is one of my favorite days because I think it is an excellent way to not only bring the community together, but also show off the hard work of students from Arcadia and the amazing art we create and put so much time into, as well as the art from other schools, which is amazing to see,” said Anna Stueve, NAHS vice president.

Not only did students have a chance to display their work, but Agora-goers enjoyed an interactive pottery wheel, henna, chalk art, face painting, a photobooth and performances from the AHS Jazz Ensemble and AHS Dance Teen Titans. 

“The Agora is important because, personally, I believe that art is severely underappreciated… such a large emphasis is put on sports and other activities, and the arts department is often unrecognized,” Anna said. “Agora gives us a voice in the community and creates a fun-filled evening for individuals and families all over to come together, celebrate and appreciate our work and the beauty/message that artists can cultivate through their projects.”