Arcadia High School has exciting news for baseball fans as the school welcomed its new coach, Matt Sugarman, to the program this season.

Sugarman was born and raised in Manhattan Beach in Southern California. He played various sports as a kid but found that he always had a knack for baseball and decided to focus on playing the sport from eighth grade on. He realized he wanted to be a coach while in college.

Sugarman has been coaching baseball for 12 years. Along with Arcadia High, he also coached Division 1 high school baseball in Los Angeles before he moved to Arizona.

As Arcadia’s baseball players prepare to start their season, Sugarman is looking forward to coaching them during their formative years.

“My favorite part about being a coach is being able to play a role in these young men’s lives during arguably the most impactful point: high school,” Sugarman said. “A close second, from a selfish standpoint, is being alongside these young men as they compete as a team.”

Sugarman, known as “Coach Sug” to many, says coming together and staying together as a team is one of the most important aspects of coaching.

“When it is all said and done, this is their team. I do my best to remind them of that on a daily basis. They need to be there for each other every day; physically, mentally and emotionally. I ask them to be consistent – and above all else – I ask them to be a great teammate,” Sugarman said.   

To prepare for the upcoming season, the team has been participating in various workouts on the field, in the weight room, as well as speed, agility, hand-eye conditioning and yoga.

Sugarman also sprinkles in fun events, like occasional corn hole competitions, to remind the team to keep things light.

“We need to keep it loose and I like for my guys to have fun. I think one of the best things for us to do is to compete. No matter what we are doing we have competition involved. Whether it’s being the first on/off the field, ping-pong or batting practice; we are always competing,” Sugarman said.

“Our practices/workouts have a great deal of internal competition which will only help our guys get better. The plan is to get better every day.”

“Coach Sugarman is off to a great start with our baseball program,” said Athletic Director Rudy Alvarado. “He has the boys excited to compete and he pushes them every single day to succeed and they have responded well to that. Our hope is that it will translate to a successful season where our boys can win their region and make a run in the playoffs.”

The Titans will kick off their 2020 season on February 26.