Arcadia Fire basketball

(left-right): Jamison Fox, Connor Cook, Briggs Ellis, Braylen Rooney, Dillon Achen, Xander Koehler, Dennis Gregory, Johnny McDade, Nick Gentner, Dutch Van Es. Coaches: Robert Koehler, Chris White and Jimmy Fox. 

The Arcadia Fire basketball team is celebrating for the second year in a row after claiming its second state championship in March. 

The boys went to Tucson to compete against teams from all over the state, including Phoenix, Yuma, Tucson and Flagstaff. Arcadia Fire went 5 – 0, winning by at least 15 points in each game. 

“Every single kid contributed. The best part, from a coaching perspective, is how hard the kids cheered for one another. It was awesome to watch,” Coach Jimmy Fox said. 

Winning the tournament requires a team to score more points against all of its opponents collectively than any other team with the same win/loss record. 

“We beat each team in our 6th grade division and one team twice, even with our missing starters. Jamison Fox had a broken wrist, and Dutch Van Es tore his ACL, so everyone really stepped up,” Fox said. 

The season starts in August and ends with the State Championship. Fox and Robert Koehler have been coaching together for over six years and Coach Chris White has joined in for the last couple of years. 

“I have been coaching with Robert Koehler so long that people are starting to think we are brothers,” Fox said. 

After the tournament, the team was exhausted and excited to head home. 

“The best part about the tournament is it tells you where you are as a team. It’s a great benchmark for our kids to see where they compare to other kids throughout the state,” Fox said. “The kids really have a great time together. It’s also especially fun to watch how much better the kids get through the year.” 

Congratulations on your championship, Arcadia Fire!