AHS softball

Junior Charlotte Wylie.

Arcadia High’s girls softball resumed this spring and made the move to Division 5 – all welcome news for the team. 

“After missing out last year, it felt great to be back on the field having a real season,” Coach Jason Foster said. 

Although the girls could not participate in their regular pre-season workouts and practices, they returned to the field in March to play in conference games. 

This spring, the team played against more prominent schools like the highest-ranked school in Tucson, Mountain View, Canyon View in Waddell and Chaparral. 

“The kids have been amazing through it all and are coming together as a team,” Foster said. “We have players moving around and playing positions they don’t normally play, and everyone is adapting well.”

Mia Mavoides, who is generally an outfielder, has been playing third base and catcher this season. Foster credits the team’s pitching talent as their greatest strength this year.

“We have junior Izzy Abalos, sophomore Avery Wahl and freshman Kailyn Montoya all throwing very well and giving us quality innings this year,” Foster said. 

“After missing our 2020 season, we have made a comeback by working hard and bonding with each other,” Abalos said. 

The team encountered some struggles this season with their defense, but the players will keep practicing and working hard to grow and improve.

On the offensive side, Foster credits senior Tolly Lockett and freshman Jenni Potter for leading the team in hitting and runs-batted-in. Juniors Charlotte Wylie and Jo Cariveau came on strong at the plate, and had great results in the second half of the season.

“I am grateful to be able to play with this amazing group of Titans my senior year,” Lockett said. “Watching the younger players work hard and contribute to taking on our opponents has been great. I am looking forward to the rest of the season.”

“Moving up to Division 5 this year toughened up our schedule,” Foster said, “and I do like the tough schedule, knowing every game is going to be a challenge.”