AHS 2021 prom queen and king

AHS 2021 prom queen and king Lexi Flader and Jimmy Furcini.

In the beginning, we all secretly enjoyed rolling out of bed in our PJs and clicking the Zoom link from the comfort of our homes. However, after time it became challenging, often sad and lonely.

I missed the interaction with my teachers and peers. Socializing is a significant part of high school, and we as students suffered a great deal from the lack of interaction. Not having homecoming and our last assembly in the gym as a senior was heartbreaking.

As a student, you look forward to the year you get to sit in the front row of chaos corner, and seniors missed out on that. Our chaos corner is so strong at Arcadia and not being able to come together as a community and celebrate with the student body was devastating. The biggest challenge for me as the student body president was not being present as a leader and a role model to my fellow seniors and underclassmen.

Thanks to a member of Junior STUGO and help from the community, these feelings changed – if only for a night. Arcadia High was able to enjoy an authentic, outdoor prom this April. 

Kate Heglie, who posted the event on GoFundMe, said that within the first 30 minutes of uploading their campaign, STUGO raised their original goal of $1,000. The next day, they surpassed the goal by $500. 

“We were shocked,” Kate said. “The aura of COVID-19 made us skeptical about who would be on our support system. Operating through these polarized conditions has been complicated, but the community’s generosity toward our event reassured us.”

Prom this year was located at Arcadia High, and the theme was Clue. Masks were worn and social distancing was in place. As far as dancing went, there were a maximum amount of students on the dance floor and, as others came and went, more students were able to dance.

“All in all, we were so grateful to even be allowed an event like prom to take place,” Kate said. “I think I can speak on behalf of most of the student body when I say we just wanted some event, no matter the limitations.”

I am so delighted and thankful that we had a prom this year. Getting together with my classmates in one place to socialize and unify was wonderful for us all. Being allowed to have a school dance was a great “last hurrah” for seniors, especially.

Having prom is just what we all needed to end the year on a high note. During these tough times, I’ve relied on the support and love from my family and friends. Knowing and realizing we are all in the same boat has helped me cope and deal with the changes we all had to face.

Although my senior year didn’t turn out like I’d dreamed it would, I am still thankful for the opportunities I’ve had. Arcadia holds a special place in my heart, and I will forever and always be proud of being a Titan.