Rheana Stangler doesn’t give up easily. Throughout her high school career, she’s maintained a stellar GPA, challenged herself with AP classes and fine-tuned her Mandarin.

She was recently accepted to the University of Texas at Austin and now she can also add Arcadia News Scholarship winner to her list of achievements.

During her time at AHS, Rheana was on the state champion varsity pom and dance teams and was also involved in the National Honor Society, Bring Change to Mind Club and Key Club.

“Varsity pom was the highlight of my high school experience. I started my sophomore year, and we’ve grown the past three years significantly – we took home the state title in March, and I’m so proud of how far this team has come,” she said.

Rheana explained that although sometimes she felt physically and mentally exhausted, it was all worth it. She gained relationships, friendships and memories that she will cherish forever.

This fall, Rheana will be attending UT Austin’s McCombs School of Business with an unspecified business major.

“Growing up, I have always had an entrepreneurial mentality. With that being said, I want to take this passion and apply it to my education and career,” she said.

Rheana said that being part of a media or newspaper company would be a fantastic opportunity. Her future goals include traveling the world and pursuing a career she loves. She said that a career in journalism or media goes hand-in-hand with business and that her love for writing inspired her to pursue a career in both fields.

“Graduating from high school and heading off to college is extremely bittersweet; I will miss the little things in high school, but I am so excited for the new experiences that will come my way in college,” Rheana said.

“I do want to thank my support system: my family,” Rheana said. “They are my cheerleaders. With them by my side, I feel constantly inspired to achieve new goals. Thank you for everything!”

Congratulations, Rheana, and we wish you luck on your next adventure.

Since its inception in 2005, The Arcadia News Scholarship has awarded $14,000 to graduating seniors. Some awardees have returned to write for the News, and many have gone on to successful careers in journalism and media.