The excitement of the students and faculty of Biltmore Preparatory Academy on the first day of school could probably be felt from the new parking lot. As they stepped on to school property, they were not only starting a new school year, but would also be introduced to the new pick-up/drop-off system, new gym and transformed multipurpose room. It was truly a fresh start for everyone.

“The building of the new gym, renovations to our middle school learning neighborhood, parking and front of the school adds an additional layer of excitement to our new school year,” said Dr. Stephanie DeMar, principal at Biltmore Prep.

Vicente Teran of Chasse Building Team was the project manager that oversaw the construction at Biltmore Prep.

“The project moved very smoothly. It is a really cool design. The gym is state-of-the-art for an elementary school. It really has a 21st century spin on your typical gym, especially with a cutting-edge rubber floor that helps create a safer place for the kids to run around and play,” Teran said. 

The outdoor basketball courts are also new and freshly painted in Biltmore Prep school colors.

The construction for the gym started in December 2018 and concluded at the end of May 2019.

Other activities that previously had to be held off-campus at other district schools, such as the Sweetheart Dance, will now be able to take place at the school.

“Access to a gym opens doors of opportunity for our students. Our P.E. teacher and coach will be able to further focus on skill development and preparing students for participation in high school athletics,” DeMar said.

The multipurpose building has been repurposed and is now home to the Makers Lab, which is an open, shared space where projects can occur to enhance learning.

“This will allow for a diverse learning environment which will enable the students to interact in different ways. It provides a rich environment for more interaction, collaboration and communication within the learning environment,” PTO Secretary Katie Hesselman said.

In this age of awakening when educators are utilizing various methodologies to teach future leaders, a Makers Lab (which allows for STEM studies in a dedicated space) is a crucial piece of the education puzzle.

“The newly renovated middle school learning neighborhood features more flexible, open spaces and even an outdoor learning lab for students. The learning space provides opportunities for students to interact and engage socially with other students allowing them to make connections and learn in a variety of ways as we prepare our students to become biliterate, adventurous solution seekers,” said DeMar.

Along with the new and improved buildings, the parking lot was demolished and rebuilt and a new drop off/pick up lane was created. 

 “As a school community, we work to ensure we are delivering A+ education to our students and the renovations and additions to our campus now give the appearance of the quality education happening at Biltmore Prep.”