Best in Show

Ivy Superfon, Payton Rassas, Lilly Smead, Mary Stewart Witherspoon, Ms. Hennessee, Lucy Leathers and Elle Mingus.


Remember walking into gym class and seeing see a line of red rubber balls in the middle of the floor? This, of course, meant one thing: dodgeball. Can you still feel the rubbery surface and hear the familiar sounds as you attempt to catch the ball and stay in the game? Veritas Prep sure can, as they recently held their third annual dodgeball tournament this fall.

While not as widely known as other team sports, dodgeball is a game that gives participants a chance to get in some serious exercise. Players stand on a line in teams and attempt to avoid being hit with balls thrown by the opposing side. The fast-paced nature and short play times made it the perfect choice, allowing everyone a turn in action and ensuring that the day was exciting for the whole Veritas Prep community.

The event was divided by grade level, with the middle school students playing in one bracket and the high schoolers playing in another. Teams consisted of five students and one adult: a coach, faculty member or staff volunteer. The high school defending champions from last year, Globo Jim, took home the win again. The high school runners-up were the “Captain Grimm” team. 

In the middle school bracket, victory was had by The Founding Flavors, with second place going to The Flaming Potatoes. In a final game on October 28, Globo Jim played the Founding Flavors at Veritas Prep’s homecoming pep rally. 

As important as the athletic contests were, the human aspect of the tournament cannot be over-emphasized. It was a day of camaraderie among all. 

“It is a fun event sponsored by our parent organization to bring our students, families, and staff together,” Media Manager Virginia Cardenas said. 

PTO Co-President Nichole Weems agreed, explaining that dodgeball has become an exciting community-building sport. That and fun were major themes, which incorporated a costume contest and added games.

Veritas Prep had some very creative outfits this year, including The Founding Flavors dressed in colonial-era wigs, and juxtaposed ice cream names with terms relating to early American independence such as “Mint Chip Constitution” and “Sherbet Sedition.” 

There was also The Six Wives, whose team wore crowns and the names of King Henry VIII’s significant others. Other groups included Gru’s Crew, who dressed up as the characters from Despicable Me, The Human Targets, Dr. T’s Tater Tots and The Beach Bums. 

Out of all those, The Kickin’ Chickens were declared the finest. The winners of the costume contest portion of the event were dressed all in white, complete with combs [the red part on top of a chicken’s head]. Ms. Hennessee even wore a beak!