This summer, Echo Canyon and Ingleside Middle School underwent extensive renovations, designed to improve their students’ and staff’s overall well-being.

Thanks to a 2016 Scottsdale voter-approved bond, Echo Canyon was able to redesign its front office, increasing safety and security.

“When school starts this fall, anyone coming on campus will have to sign in and be cleared,” Echo Canyon Principal Kat Hughes said. “Visitors will no longer be able to enter through the back door and freely roam the campus.” 

According to Hughes, this relatively simple modification involved adding some doors and removing a few walls. These changes now mean students and admin can access the office without having to pass through an electronic door.

“We also installed an electronic marquee,” Hughes said, “which is great for safety, security and communication.”

Thanks to a brand-new paint job, Ingleside Middle School is also unveiling a fresh, new look.

“We painted the inside and the outside of the school building,” Principal Christopher Thuman said. “Hallways, stairways, fencing, railings and windows – the entire campus shines and blends in better with the surrounding neighborhood. We now have a better combination of colors than what was previously there.”

Ingleside also remodeled their cafeteria and constructed a new stage complete with upgraded lighting, curtains and sound system.

Like Echo Canyon, Ingleside also revamped their front office for enhanced campus security.

“We have wireless access for all the staff,” Thuman said, “and we can better control who’s on campus and when.”

The classrooms received attention, too – new clocks, which all sync with the school bells, were installed. And school officials invested about $150,000 on modern chairs, desks, tables and whiteboards. New state-of-the-art equipment was also purchased for the robotics and fine arts departments.

“Everything we’ve done this past summer results in a better learning environment and more safety for our students,” Thuman said.