Kari’s former second-grade class

Kari’s former second-grade student Ryley Katz (far left, blue top) is now utilizing Kari’s help with her own daughters.

Phoenix resident and educator Kari Kling is a testament to the immense joy and satisfaction that can accompany a teaching career. Her prolific educational journey began in l981 as a second-grade teacher at Hopi Elementary School.

Until recently, memories of her time as a teacher were in her rearview mirror. But now, Kling’s life has come full circle with former students reaching out to her for guidance and teaching tips for their children.

Former student Ryley Katz says she measures her own daughters’ teachers against Kling’s high bar. “She was the best teacher I ever had,” Katz said. “Now that I’m teaching my kids at home, I turn to Kari to help me create an environment where they are actively learning and having fun. I have even pulled out my old second-grade lessons and adapted them for my girls.”

Through the wonders of the internet, another one of Kling’s second-grade students, Susan White, reconnected with her through Facebook. “My son is only two and a half, but she gave me some terrific tips and inspiration on teaching him math concepts,” White said. “We are incorporating math into everyday activities, and he’s blossoming from it.”

An exuberant cheerleader for children, Kling possesses a strong commitment to having kids live their best lives academically and behaviorally. One of her favorite phrases is, “we don’t get a second chance at our children’s childhood.”

In addition to being a seasoned educator, Kling is a parent coach, author, speaker and mom. She has given many presentations and workshops and coached thousands of educators and families. Her unique teaching philosophy centers around neuroscience. Her fascination with this modality began in 1987 when she started researching the subject.

She also had the opportunity to work with pioneers on the subject, such as Dr. Rob Sylwester, recipient of numerous awards for his research on brain science and learning. “What sets me apart from other parent coaches is the lens I look through of brain research,” Kling said.

Kling is currently the owner and operator of KariKling.com, an online parent coaching business. “I provide personalized one-on-one coaching via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime for parents,” she explained. “Topics may cover learning opportunities and challenges, sibling rivalry, behavioral issues, behavior outcomes, social situations and improved family dynamics.”

Kling’s Facebook page also provides educational resources for parents, offering valuable strategies and activities. “In the fall,” she said, “there will be a membership option for those parents who want a more in-depth, more personalized approach, including monthly guest experts, master classes and Q&A sessions. 

In addition, Kari is offering an online parent coaching opportunity in September to support parents with their children’s schooling this fall. 

Kari has been featured in the Arizona Republic, the New York Post and Raising Arizona Kids. She was part of the KPNX School Solutions Series and also appeared on Sonoran Living.

For more: karikling.com