Students and staff at Hopi Elementary always look forward to their annual Spring Arts Fair, but this year there was a new twist to a treasured tradition. 

Hopi PTA transitioned the one-day, in-person fair to a virtual event spread out over a week in April. Anna Zollman, VP of marketing for Hopi PTA, says making changes to the yearly gathering, known for art, live orchestra music and free ice cream, was important for students and their families. 

“This year, we wanted to translate some of the spirit of the event into a digital format, so our PTA president came up with the wonderful idea of having a digital Art Masterpiece lesson each day presented on social media,” Zollman said. 

Art Masterpiece is a nationwide program that inspires students to explore famous art pieces with the help of volunteers. “Throughout the year, students study different famous artists and pieces of artwork, and then create their piece inspired by the artist’s masterpiece,” Zollman said.

Usually, these projects are saved, and one piece from every student is displayed at the Spring Arts Fair, with details on the artist and their artwork. After preparing for the Spring Arts Fair all year long, the Hopi community knew they couldn’t let these efforts go unnoticed, leading to a new virtual concept for the event. 

“We had a different parent volunteer prepare each lesson by selecting a famous artwork, highlighting a little bit of its significance and history and then creating an art project based on it that students could complete in their own home,” Zollman said. 

Every project was posted on Facebook and Instagram with recommended supplies and instructions provided so students could follow along and embrace the virtual experience. Each grade level had their own famous piece of art to focus on.

Last year’s Spring Arts Fair included interactive art stations for students to embrace the creative process. These art activities were a big hit with students, and the Hopi PTA wanted to ensure students could continue to create their artwork and showcase their creativity from the comfort of their own homes.

“I think it was a wonderful way to connect with our students and parents, share a little bit of art history, and encourage them to be creative,” Zollman said. “I look forward to next year when we will be able to do an in-person event.” 

Spring Art Fair Themes 


Henri Matisse’s “The Goldfish” 

1st Grade:

Georgia O’Keefe’s “My Front Yard”

2nd Grade:

Raoul Dufy’s “Mediterranean Scene”

3rd Grade:

Vincent Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”

4th Grade:

Wayne Thiebaud’s “Four Ice Cream Cones”

5th Grade:

Winslow Homer’s “Snap the Whip”