Mrs. Fish

Mrs. Fish is ready to help students find their love for reading through fun with props like a Dr. Seuss hat.  

Hopi Elementary School’s new librarian, Tracy Fish, has a passion for reading and a desire to bring her love of books to children. These characteristics have led Fish to dedicate her life to the service of others.

Fish was born in Sauk City, WI, a village northwest of Madison. She graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1997 with a degree in social work and moved to Arizona in 1999. Fish continued her career as a social worker until 2015. She previously volunteered in the Hopi Elementary library and was also a 5th-grade classroom aide before starting as the school’s librarian in late February.

“Once I became a mother and took my kids, I just fell in love with the public library,” Fish said.

Now, Fish is in the perfect position to expose countless young minds to the wonders that books hold. “Books give us a more global perspective, not only learning about our community but other places around the world. They show us that people all around the world are the same as us,” she said.

“I am most excited about igniting the passion for reading and getting interested in new books,” Fish said. “I don’t want students just to read what everyone else is reading. I want to open them up to diverse subjects and books.”

Fish brings not only her passion but also the experience from her previous profession of social work and her ability to reach out to kids from all backgrounds. “When there is chaos in their personal life at home, reading is not at the forefront of their minds,” she said. “I want to make this a retreat for them to be able to escape reality for just a little while in a book.”

When she’s not at work, Fish enjoys hiking, traveling and reading books with her family.

“My favorite kids’ books are probably the series Poached, Belly Up and Big Game by Stuart Gibbs. We read those as a family and I enjoyed them,” Fish said.

Along with her love of all things children, family, and the printed word, Fish also loves to fly on the trapeze and is trying to get her children excited about circus training.