This year’s emcees: (back from left) Cody Faires, Max Nunez, Scarlett Cardon, Satchel Lipton and Brody Crowder. (middle from left) Shea Levine, Jane Ord, Francesca Mena and Emerson Bier. (front from left) Adam Blais, Bree Flader and Brady McMahon.

This year’s Hopi Variety Show was one for the books, according to the students, teachers and Arcadia community. The theme was Hopi, Let’s Go to The Movies. All of the acts were all based on films, such as Trolls and Mission Impossible. There were dances, skits, vocal solos and a piano solo. The show took place in late February at Arcadia High School.

Seven-year-old Stellie Frederickson has participated for three years now. Her act involved dancing and jumping on trampolines to songs from Trolls. “I love the Variety Show. I’m always nervous to perform in front of everyone, but once we are all on stage, we have so much fun. I love knowing I’ve done my best,” she said.

Nine-year-old Titus Ning said, “My favorite part about the Variety Show is that I get to dance. I really love my 3rd grade Three Amigos act, and I liked my 1st grade Hamilton act, too.”

“The kids worked several mornings a week practicing a show opener and short skits that introduce each act,” said Emily Blais, who helps coordinate the show. “This year, we had a record breaking number of acts.”

Almost 400 kids performed at the show.

“I feel so lucky to be an emcee this year. The Variety Show has come a long way since my mom was an emcee and the show was on the tiny stage at the old Hopi. Now, it’s way more exciting, plus we get some pretty cool costumes,” 10-year-old Jane Ord said.

“I’ve been looking forward to my 5th grade Variety Show for a long time. My favorite memory this year has been making new friends. I think all of those really early mornings together helped us become a lot like family,” 11-year-old Adam Blais said.