The first-ever Falcon Club dodgeball event was well-supported by the Veritas Prep community and students are already eagerly awaiting the next dodgeball event.

Fourteen student teams hit the gym for an afternoon of fun during a dodgeball tournament at Veritas Preparatory Academy put on by The Falcon Club, a new parent-led organization that supports the school’s athletics and performing arts programs.

Veritas parent and founding Falcon Club member Meg Seoane and her husband Steve created the tournament as a way to bring students and faculty together in play.

“We love the school so much and we thought this would be a great community event for Falcon Club to start the school year off on a fun note,” Seoane said.

Students recruited their own teams of five of their peers from 6th-12th grades. Each team also recruited a Veritas faculty member as a bonus teammate, serving as a sixth player.

The single elimination tournament had two brackets, one for teams with players in 6th and 7th grades and the other for players in 8th grade and higher.

The Veritas Athletic Department helped design an easy-to-play tournament, with the winner in each bracket playing against each other to decide the championship.

Clare Van Brunt’s “Rainbow Siege” team won the 6th-7th grade bracket and went head to head against the 8th and up bracket champions, Daniel Grimm’s “Captain Grimm.”

Captain Grimm went on to win the tournament, earning the inaugural Champion of Champions title and a bedazzled golden dodgeball made by Veritas senior Annika Seoane. 

By all accounts, the tournament was a success with many students already looking forward to the next one. 

Other prizes included a giant bag of candy for the best costume, awarded to Meredith Flower’s team of 7th grade girls “Good Girls Gone Rad,” who were dressed head-to-toe in rainbows. The runners-up on Rainbow Siege received Zoyo gift certificates and the champions on Captain Grimm took home Dutch Brothers gift cards.

Seoane says the entire school community came out to support the event. 

“Honestly the biggest surprise was how simple it was to run for the first time ever. We had so much help from our amazing faculty and dedicated parents,” Seoane said. “The best part for me was watching the tournament unfold. It was awesome to see the teams compete with a crowd full of students, families and faculty all going wild cheering for them.”

With more than 250 people in attendance, there were spectators rooting for their favorite team and plenty of competitors ready to duck and dodge. The Falcon Club has already received requests for another tournament, the club is planning on making this new tradition bigger and more fun.

“We will consider how to expand it for more teams and offer a double elimination format next time so the kids have more opportunities to play,” Seoane said. “The joy of the tournament was the bonding experience it created across students and faculty. There’s nothing like a chance to have simple fun to bring people together.”