No Problem!

Phil Winters came up with No Problem after looking at ways to combine elements of learning and fun.

“I want to do something good before I croak, and it is time to give back.”

These are humble words from Phil Winters, a longtime Arizona resident who was featured in Arcadia News in 2001. Winters is the inventor of No Problem, a numbers strategy game that he created in 1990. Today, he wants to share his game with Arizona schools and eventually, nationwide. 

Everyone in his family – mom, dad, brothers and sisters – was a teacher at some point. Winters decided that he wanted to go a different route and graduated with a business degree from Oregon State. 

Winters recalled being a big fan of flashcards when he was in grade school. “I loved the theme of ‘fun and learning,’ so I wanted to come up with something that had both of those elements,” he said. 

The rules for No Problem are simple: Each player throws 11 dice and, in the time allotted, arranges them by alternating numerical die with math symbol die. Whoever has the highest score after five turns is the winner.

Many have endorsed the game, including Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former NFL quarterback Dave Krieg.

Winters has proclaimed his game the “Pandemic Boredom Buster,” and after hearing from schools, friends and acquaintances about how much they loved the game back in the day, he came up with an idea to bring it out of retirement. 

“I am going to give away 1,000 of my games to schools. To accomplish this venture, I need to sell 1,000 packages that I’ve put together,” Winters said. 

Each $29 package includes two No Problem games – one for a family to keep and one to give away to a school of their choosing. Winters will also include a homemade snack – his grandmother’s recipe, called Nuts and Bolts, that’s been passed down in his family for generations. 

Winters also said he will include a surprise gift, which will come from his persoal collection of sports memorabilia or a trinket from one of his many travels around the U.S. and Canada.

Interested parties can contact Phil Winters at