Girls soccer

This year’s girls soccer season had coaches, players and fans on the edge of their seats, all the way to the playoff game against Salpointe Catholic.

After moving up to the more competitive 4A Division this year, the AHS girls’ varsity soccer team faced a big challenge. In the previous two years in 5A, they made it to the Final Four in the playoffs. The odds were against them, but as the Arcadia News reported at the beginning of the season, this varsity team of Lady Titans are adaptable, athletic and resilient.  

While the team lost to Salpointe Catholic during a state championship semi-final game in February, the young women of Arcadia played hard, smart and classy all the way to the end.

“The Lady Titans have had a fantastic season,” said Coach Adam Zweiback. “We closed our regular season with a record of 10-1-1. We won our region, and we earned the No. 2 seed in the state tournament for Division 4A, making it to the Final Four in the playoffs for the third year in a row.”

Coming into the season, many prophesied a rebuilding year for Arcadia. Three of last year’s standout players had graduated and were playing Division I soccer in college, while several returning players were sidelined due to ongoing injuries. The challenge was to build a defense from scratch. However, instead of rebuilding, Zweiback saw it as a year of reloading.  

“Teams lose players, but you have other players step up,” Zweiback said, “and it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to grow, excel and become stars. It takes a whole lot of outstanding players to form a top team.”

Zweiback has an uplifting coaching style. While soccer skills are a definite plus, they can be learned. He’s willing to take on players who have no experience, so long as they possess athleticism and a great attitude. While they’ll most likely begin on the junior varsity team, with hard work and practice, they can advance to the varsity squad.

“Our job is to get the players into a position where they’ll shine,” Zweiback said. “You develop their skills, motivate them to work hard, show them how to have fun and teach them to trust each other to work as a team. We had excellent team chemistry this year.”

Another facet that’s contributed to the team’s success is the overwhelming support the players receive from their fans. From the student body to the athletic director to Principal Todd Stevens, who regularly attends games and cheers them on, they have the unwavering backing of their high school family and greater Arcadia community.

“The real excitement,” Zweiback said, “was watching who stepped up to be the stars this year and fill those rather large empty shoes.”


AHS Girls Soccer Awards

The following is a list of awards earned by players during the 2018-2019 season.

1st Team All-City 

Senior Ainsley McMahon, Forward 

Junior Grace Pierce, Defender 

Junior Mackey Massingale, Goalie

1st Team All-Region 

Senior Ainsley McMahon, Forward 

Senior Allison Richmond, Defender 

Junior Abby Ford, Defensive Midfielder 

Junior Mikey Regas, Midfielder 

Junior Kayla Walshire, Defender 

Junior Grace Pierce, Defender 

Sophomore Ava Camberlango, Midfielder

2nd Team All-Region 

Senior Shelby Grady, Attacking Midfielder 

Junior Mackey Massingale, Goalie

Other Awards 

Arcadia MVP Award - Ainsley McMahon 

Arcadia Senior Award - Shelby Grady 

Arcadia Most Improved Player Award -Allison Richmond 

Arcadia Tough Titan Award - Kayla Walshire 


Defensive Player of the Year - Kayla Walshire