Devan Amin and Misha Ghafouri.

Devan Amin and Misha Ghafouri are Phoenix Country Day School freshmen whose mission to fight for underprivileged kids has taken them to extraordinary places and helped them develop new mindsets.

For an end-of-the-year project in 7th grade, both Devan and Misha created websites centered on helping children. Devan created Impaktkidz, a website aimed “to provide a platform for kids to have a unified voice on issues and topics that are important to our society and world using social media and technology.” 

Misha developed Kidz Educate Kidz, a website which she describes as “an online resource for students to publish their presentations, papers, research and any other educational work they have created.” 

Devan and Misha were involved in speech and debate, where they discussed important issues and where they first raised concerns about kids in need. 

With their travels to impoverished countries such as India, Iran, Mexico and Kenya, they decided that it was their mission to fight for those less fortunate. During summer 2019, they created Kids Inspire Difference (KID).

KID is a nonprofit organization designed to empower kids to help those less fortunate than themselves. The organization plans to use social media campaigns to “impact the lives of children within the U.S. and abroad who face abuse, neglect, illness, poverty, illiteracy, war and other social and emotional disadvantages,” according to their website.

Currently, KID is working on its first campaign: A Million Reasons – an effort to educate youth about the impact of child abuse and neglect. 

KID collaborates with Childhelp, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world, and they are currently helping rollout the Million Reasons campaign. 

“I want to become more educated about the causes that affect our society and community. Building KID has made me more aware of the need for young leaders like ourselves to understand the issues that young children face across the world,” Devan said.

“I hope to continue learning about the many issues in my community and how I can use my platform to become an ally to those in need and advocate for the voiceless,” Misha said.

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