Kat Hughes

Principal Kat Hughes with previous Read-A-Thon winners.

Students at Echo Canyon Elementary took their love of reading to new heights with this year’s successful Read-A-Thon fundraiser.

During the two-week Read-A-Thon, 255 students read for 50,283 minutes, with 8,000 of those minutes read in the first three days. They raised over $5,770 with support from 145 sponsors. 

The annual event served as an important fundraiser for the Echo Canyon PTO and its student and community initiatives, such as the Classroom Supply Fund and Teacher Appreciation Week. 

The Read-A-Thon website tracked the number of readers and minutes read and allowed families and friends to donate. The website also displayed the school’s fundraising efforts. 

Principal Kat Hughes would read off the daily leaders over morning announcements and gave special shout-outs to classes who racked up reading minutes. 

​PTO Board Member Jacque Davis said the students loved hearing their class celebrated during the announcements and they were also excited about the possibility of winning a unique prize. The class who read the most minutes was promised a water balloon fight with their principal, a fun event that has turned into an Echo Canyon tradition. 

“This has been the prize in the past, and the students love it,” Davis said.

Ms. Hayhurst’s kindergarten/first grade class raised the largest amount of donations – over $1,200 – which made her class the water-balloon-throwers at the event in May.

“It is a cool event. I love reading, so I enjoyed that part the most. I read 730 minutes,” first-grader Aria said. “Since my class raised the most money, we got to throw water balloons at Principal Hughes!”

The school plans to continue the Read-A-Thon and other fundraising activities in the future.

“Our family enjoys the Read-A-Thon; it gets our daughters excited about reading while raising money for their school. It’s an event we look forward to each year,” mom Jessica Scordo said.

“Our students get the chance to discover new worlds, learn about new cultures, discuss relevant social challenges and strengthen their imaginations through books,” Paige Rogers, PTO member and parent, said. “Having the entire family get involved in reading together is a healthy, healing, and knowledge-building activity.”

The funds from this year’s Read-a-Thon will go to classrooms and supplies for the staff at Echo Canyon.