Kadin Beler has a big job ahead of him this year. As the new quarterback of the Arcadia Titans football team, he’s leading the way for some much-needed change this season after a dismal past few years. 

Following a 2-8 season in 2016 and a disappointing 0-10 campaign in 2017, this year marked a fresh start for the Titans. 

With Beler at the helm on the field and new head coach Kerry Taylor standing on the sidelines, Arcadia has gotten off to an exciting start, opening its season 5-1 and scoring an average of 35 points per game. 

Now in his junior year, Beler has been preparing for this coveted role for years. He started playing the game at age six with flag football, before beginning tackle as an 8-year-old. Fast forward to today, and he has transitioned well into the leadership role required of quarterbacks. 

“The offensive play calling has been wide open to where everyone gets involved and has a chance to contribute to the team,” Beler said. “It’s a positive environment. It’s fun to come to practice every day and we are excited for the games.”

Beler and his teammates are pushing themselves to compete and achieve better results.. He credits a lot of the squad’s initial success to its coaching and training. “The team has really been coming together under Coach Taylor’s guidance,” he said. “The time and effort that he has been putting in to make us better is unreal. He’s really been doing a great job with the new role he has taken on.”

Coach Taylor describes Beler as the leader of the offense and as a playmaker who can do it all. 

“He has a great command in the huddle, and is calm, cool and collected every time he takes the field,” Taylor said.

With a 5-1 start to the season, Beler is hoping to lead the Titans into the playoffs for the first time in three years.  

“My hopes for Kadin moving forward are that he gets all the accolades and awards he deserves,” Taylor said. “In my opinion, he is the top dual-threat QB in the 2020 class. I’d hate to be a defensive coordinator planning against him.”


The Arcadia Titans football program started the season with its third head coach in three seasons, and a winless streak dating back to September of 2016. To say there were doubters about the state of the program was an understatement. 

As the 2018 season moves into October, its hard to find any of the doubters still around. The turnaround has been stunning and has caught the attention of fans and media across the state. As of September 24, the Titans record stood at 5-1, with wins over Coronado, Deer Valley, Washington, St. Mary’s and Shadow Mountain. 

The breakout performance of quarterback Kadin Beler has played a huge part in the team’s success, but he’s had a host of weapons to help out. Junior running back Paxton Earl is averaging over 100 yards on the ground per game, with 5 trips into the endzone. Sophomore wide receiver Crew Edwards has been one of Beler’s favorite receiving targets, with over 400 yards through the air. Samaury Alexander, junior, and Noah Richardson, sophomore, have also passed the 100-yard mark in receiving yards. 

On defense, senior Jonathan Hunter is leading the team with 47 total tackles, while junior Andrew Quintana, and sophomores Trey Brown and Justin Hunter are making big contributions as well. 

As the regular season enters the home stretch, Coach Taylor’s prediction of a playoff berth in his first season appears to have a good chance of becoming a reality. 

All stats via maxpreps.com.