As parents buy supplies and prepare their children for the school year, it is also time to start thinking of other ways to stay involved with children’s schools. The parent-teacher organizations enable parents to both give back to the school while staying informed on upcoming events and activities. Below is information for the SUSD Arcadia-area schools:  

Arcadia High

Tricia Longnecker and Cindy Krawczyk, this year’s PTO co-presidents, are working hard to continue campus improvements on Mt. Olympus (that began in June 2019), which is used by teachers for professional development activities, parent meetings and student testing.  

Longnecker and Krawczyk’s main goal is providing administration and staff with what they need to educate the students. “We want to do everything we can to give our students the best possible learning environment,” Krawczyk said. 

Parents can get involved by becoming a member or signing up for the e-newsletter, which helps parents stay updated on what is going on around campus, sports and extracurricular activities. For more: 


This year’s co-presidents, Ellen Young and Dana Fuller, are focusing on getting the whole community involved. 

In addition to looking for PTO members, Young and Fuller have many opportunities for parents to volunteer this year. They are looking for leaders to serve as chairs for the annual community 5K, garden project and Red Ribbon Day. They are also looking for coordinators for the Academic Bowl, Holiday Care Drive and members for the Teacher Appreciation Committee. 

The Arcadia community can look forward to Red Ribbon Day and the historical Trivia Night put on by the Dad’s Club. For more:  

Hopi Elementary 

Heidi Richardson, Hopi’s 2019-2020 PTA president, says she is excited for the upcoming school year and all the events that her team is organizing. This year, Richardson wants to focus on Hopi students and staff growing in their new space. 

“Our theme for the year is ‘Hopi Grown’ and we want to focus on being nourished by inspiring teachers, staying rooted in a strong community, standing tall with confidence and blooming into lifetime learners,” Richardson said.

In conjunction with this year’s theme, Richardson said that the Garden Program will be reinstated and each class will have its own garden bed.

Parents can get involved by volunteering for events like Family Fun Night, Hopi Hullabaloo or the Veteran’s Day Assembly, as well as helping raise money with multiple school fundraisers. The school also needs volunteers for many of its on-campus programs, such as Leadership Lectures. For more:  

Echo Canyon 

Stephanie Peyton, this year’s PTO president, emphasizes that Echo Canyon’s PTO is hoping to be fresh and new, while honoring the parents that are willing to work and volunteer with the school. 

Every event that Echo Canyon PTO plans is an opportunity for parents to volunteer. Thanks to the many evening events and flexible schedules, the PTO makes it easier for parents who work to volunteer and stay involved with the school. 

The Arcadia community can look forward to events like the Pinewood Derby and OHSO’s Bike and Brew Champions for the Arcadia complex, where Echo Canyon plans on continuing its winning tradition. For more:  

Tavan Elementary

Carly Jimenez is the 2019-2020 Tavan PTO president. This year, she is emphasizing communication between the organization and the teachers, as well as getting to know Tavan’s new principal, Julie Ballard. 

There are many opportunities for parents to get involved in the PTO. Parents can use their email and/or phone numbers to receive messages on upcoming events and meetings with Tavan’s PTO News Blast.

“I would really encourage people to come to the meetings. It’s where people get to know each other and to hear what we are up to,” said Jimenez.

The community can look forward to Tavan’s Peter Piper Pizza Night and its annual Halloween Hijinx, an event that has continued for 20 years. The date is yet to come, but the community can look forward to multiple haunted houses, a trick or treat lane and other events. For more: