The last time Tavan Elementary School got a refresh to its campus was 20 years ago. Now, the staff and students have much to look forward to as the new school year begins because Tavan’s look will be brand-new for the students and staff attending in 2022-23. 

Principal Julie Ballard explained that the entire school is getting a makeover, as all classrooms will have new paint, counters and sinks. There will be larger bathrooms for everyone in the staff lounge. In addition, a new administration building and art room are being constructed with a maker space classroom for students.

“We are also getting an entirely new literacy center to have a collaborative space for all students to be able to work in small groups throughout the day,” Ballard said.

A new, innovative PE structure will be added so that students will have more shade and space to keep them safe during the hotter months. Additional playground spaces will be added for kindergarten students.

The current admin building will become the preschool, meaning the buildings on Osborn’s south side will no longer house students. Everyone will be on one main campus. 

“We have so much for students to look forward to! Not only the new kindergarten playground but being able to utilize all of our new collaboration areas will be such a great experience for everyone,” Ballard said. “The shaded PE structure will be awesome, and we are thrilled to be able to give all of our students new art areas to be creative.”

One of the school’s buildings will be removed to expand parking for all staff and visitors. They will also remove a portable building that was added during the last remodel. 

Dennis Roehler, Director of Facilities Management at SUSD, is heading up this project in collaboration with CORE Construction and SPS+ Architects. the remodel is underway, with the literacy and library space completed before school starts on August 3. The rest of the renovation is scheduled to finish by summer 2023.

“Everyone is excited to get a refresh to their rooms. These are long overdue needs, and we have been waiting a long time to get the much-needed update to our spaces,” Ballard said. 

In other news, Tavan is excited to reveal that their new chicken coop is complete.

Ballard said that members of the Dad’s Club put it together. Currently, eight chickens are living in the coop, and they plan on having all students on campus take charge of caring for them. 

Tavan also received $10,000 from the Charros Foundation to build a new garden, so plans are underway with where that will be and what it will look like. 

“This grant was such an amazing gift from the most wonderful foundation, and we are excited to be able to bring this new learning opportunity to Tavan for our current students and future Wildcats,” Ballard said.