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Arcadia News is published monthly by Shark Publications, LLC, for residents of the Arcadia neighborhoods, and is available free of charge, limited to one copy per reader. Arcadia News is distributed only by authorized distributors. No person may take more than one copy of each Arcadia News monthly issue without prior written permission. Additional copies of the current issue of Arcadia News may be obtained at the Arcadia News office.

All content on the web site(s) and in the newspaper is Copyright © 2019 by Arcadia News. Contents in full or part may not be reproduced without the expressed written consent of the publishers. Opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily the opinions of the publisher or its employees and does not constitute an endorsement of products or services. Readers are urged to verify any statements. Advertisers assume full liability and responsibility for all content of advertisements printed and for any claims arising from such advertising and represent that all licenses and consents and waivers have been obtained including from third parties having rights in text or graphics.

The Advertiser and/or its agency agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Publisher for, from and against any loss, damage, claim, cost or expense relating to or resulting from Advertiser's advertisements, including from the unauthorized use of Advertiser of any name, photograph, sketch or words which may be protected by copyright or trademark law. Articles and photographs can be submitted, to be considered for use in future issues. Any unsolicited manuscripts or photographs cannot be returned unless accompanied by a SASE bearing sufficient postage. The publishers reserve the right to reject any advertisement which is not in keeping with the standards of this publication.

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