Here are a few things you might not know about me: First, I celebrated my 32nd birthday in late-October. Second, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, with deviled eggs at the top of my “favorite food” list. And third, one of my strangest obsessions is mini horses.

I don’t know why, but I love them. So imagine my delight when I stumbled upon Tender Little Hearts mini horse therapy. A few weeks ago, I made the trek out to 136th St. and Dynamite, over the roller coaster gravel road to Tender Little Hearts Ranch. I was greeted by founder Terry Holmes-Stecyk and her minis Dolly and Mazy, and a mini donkey named Boone.

The organization was started as a way to introduce people young and old to equine therapy. Holmes-Stecyk explained that the way peoples’ eyes light up when they see the minis is incomparable – and I can agree because I was in heaven while hanging out with them. Check out the story on page 40.

This month, we’re also highlighting some of Arcadia High’s sports teams, as well as Veritas’ House Program and their inaugural Athletic Director’s Cup. Things aren’t quite back to normal, but our neighborhood schools are keeping in high spirits.

The second Arcadia Podcast is now available ( No. 2 is hosted by yours truly and features local chef and Arcadia resident Christopher Collins. We hope you enjoy it!

Some of our community members are featured in our Veterans Day shoutouts on page 8. We want to thank everyone who contributed and to give thanks to our veterans for their service!

Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours, and thank you for reading Arcadia News

— Mallory Gleich