Arcadia author Charlie Golding. 


Dreaming big is important, even if you’re a beetle that aspires to be a lion. This is precisely what Max, the potato beetle in Arcadia-based author Charles Golding’s new book, aspires to be.  

Golding’s storytelling started years ago when he would carpool his children and their classmates to school. 

“To keep the kids from arguing I would ask each one to give me a character, and I would tell them a story,” Golding said. “The story involved all of their characters and my own.”

Golding and the children created fantastical lands, mesmerizing scenes, and magical stories that inspired Golding to continue writing well after the carpool adventures had ended. Thus, Max the Potato Beetle came to be.

“My children told me they loved the stories years later, so I decided to put their favorite ones into print,” Golding said. “I thought others would love them as well. Max is such a wonderful character we can all identify with. He’s innocent, brave, willing to stand up for his friends, and never gives up on his dream.”

While crafting Max’s first adventure, Golding described the creative process as a “sprint.”

“You stretch, get limber, get quiet, and go hard for as long as possible,” Golding said. “You must also be in the right frame of mind and take everything in. Ideas come from everyday experiences.”  

Most of Golding’s ideas are sparked by the belief that almost any human interaction can be translated into a scene.

Golding was born in Brooklyn but lived in Denver and central Florida for most of his childhood. At age 21, he joined the Navy and spent the next six years as a Naval Officer. During this time, he read hundreds of books and became enamored with writing. 

Golding moved to Vancouver and while raising his two children, continued his writing pursuits through poetry and creating stories. 

“Writing makes me laugh more than I would otherwise laugh and cry more than I thought,” Golding shared. “Plus, I love words and those who bring prose to life.”

Today, Golding lives in the Arcadia area and is both a CPA and author. Outside of work, He spends time traveling, reading fiction, fly fishing and hanging out with friends. 

Max the Potato Beetle is just the beginning, as this protagonist will go on to star in at least four more books, according to Golding. 

The second book will feature Max on the search for the “heart of a king,” with books three through five tackling other subjects around family, life and death. Golding hopes his stories will bring joy to both children and parents.