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Another new year is here, and many folks might have “go on a diet” on their resolution list. We all know how hard that can sometimes be. In the spirit of healthier eating, here are a few spots around the Valley that offer a liquid-based way to get that well-being ready for 2023! 


What began as a search for healthy dining options in 2007 has grown to six D’Lite locations around the Valley, including one on Indian School near Arcadia. Along with a plethora of healthy entrees, D’Lite offers cold-pressed juice, smoothies, and signature shakes like the d’Breakfast Buzz, with vitamins, chocolate whey protein, espresso shots, nonfat milk, banana and peanut butter. 



This Arcadia-based outfit offers five different smoothies. The “Funky Monkey” comes with banana, chocolate protein powder, peanut butter, protein powder and almond milk; the “Wise, You Are” comes with spinach, spirulina, avocado, chlorella, mango, ginger and coconut water. Guests can add chocolate or vanilla protein powder, a buffer bar, extra espresso or things like reishi mushroom, spirulina, guarana, ashwagandha, chlorella, chia seeds, hemp seeds, beetroot, amino acids, matcha and glutamine to their drinks. 



Jamba Juice has five categories of smoothies: classic, plant-based, super blends, Boba and favorites. Guests can add boosters like vitamin zinc, 3G energy, whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate or whole food boosters like nonfat Greek yogurt, peanut butter, ginger, matcha green tea, blue spirulina or kale.

The world-famous Mango-a-go-go contains a pear, white grape, mango, orange passion juice blend, mangos and pineapple sherbet. Other faves include Caribbean passion, razzmatazz, strawberry surf rider and pumpkin smash.



With over 180 locations in over 22 states (one is in our backyard at 4340 E. Indian School Road), Nektar has something for every appetite. They offer handcrafted bowls, superfood smoothies – like the Pineapple Matcha with pineapple, matcha green tea, house-made cashew milk, vanilla protein, and agave nectar – fresh juices, grab n’ go bottles, wellness shots, and juice cleanses. The Classic Detox is for beginners and has turmeric, celery juice, Camu Camu (an antioxidant), prebiotics and probiotics. 



Nutrition Pura Vida, located at 4611 E. Thomas Road, officially opened in 2020 and offers three options for protein smoothies. The first, soy, is used as a food replacement shake. The second is a whey-based shake used to increase post-workout muscle mass. They also have a vegan option that’s kosher and non-GMO. The most popular flavors are snickers, banana chocolate and banana strawberry. They also offer various protein bowls. 

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Fun fact: One Stop Nutrition was founded in 1996 at an indoor swap mart in a 100-square-foot booth. Now, the health-conscious store has over 45 locations, including a few in Nevada and Texas. The business also boasts a full smoothie/shake and juice bar along with vitamins and supplements. There are meal replacement shakes, post-workout shakes and nutritional shakes – guests can choose a base and flavor and add in things like creatine, glutamine, protein, multi-vitamin flax seed oil, ginseng and energy boosts. 



Though probably more well-known for their salads, wraps and high-protein burgers, Protein House (with 12 locations in the U.S. and five internationally) also boasts a protein shake and cold-pressed juice menu. For the shakes, guests can add things like B12, CarbGain, coconut oil, creatine, glutamine, flax seed oil, fiber, MCT oil and even oatmeal. One example is the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Shake, with peanut butter, almond milk, vanilla whey, honey, coconut flakes, gluten-free oats, sea salt, dates and vanilla extract. 

There are eight juices to choose from, like the Sweet Greens with spinach, lime, cucumber, pear, apple and agave or the Summer Tryst with grapefruit, strawberry and apple. 



The history of Smoothie King goes back to 1973 when proprietor Steve Kuhnau blended his first “Smoothies with a Purpose” by mixing nutrients and proteins with real fruit to help improve his health. 

The first franchise opened in New Orleans in 1989 – and now, there are over 1,000 locations across the U.S. They’ve got 21 Feel Energized blends, 24 Get Fit blends, 18 Weight Manage blends, 16 Be Well blends, and 18 Enjoy a Treat blends…so everyone can find a smoothie to their liking. They also offer a multitude of additions, plus enhancements like protein powder or energy boosts.