Kara Forney

Kara Forney


Kara Forney is celebrating the release of her new book, Boy Moms: Collective Tales of Mothers and Sons, an assemblage of 46 essays written by moms highlighting the happy times, sad times and significance of raising sons in today’s world. 

Forney was inspired to write the book after her experiences raising two boys – now 22 and 19 – in Arcadia. 

“We moved a year before my oldest was born and have been here ever since,” Forney said. “I feel so fortunate to have raised them in such a wonderful, community-focused neighborhood. They grew up with best friends down the street and had multiple neighborhood ‘mothers’ watching over them.”

Forney is proud of her parenting journey. She’s been speaking on motherhood for decades as the founder and former CEO of thebump.com, a pregnancy and parenting website.

Her latest project came about after she observed a lack of public discussion about raising sons in the modern world. She wanted to open up the conversation about stereotypes and how to support the next generation of young men.

“Raising boys today looks so different from a generation ago, and we need to talk about what it means to raise the type of men the world needs,” Forney explained. “It is a huge responsibility. We need to know how fellow moms are doing it and their stories.”

On a mission to shine a light on the most challenging and rewarding parts of parenthood, Forney started collecting essays last fall, with the final version published just before Mother’s Day 2022. Boy Moms features essays from moms across the U.S. and several from England and Australia.

“I intentionally wanted stories from regular, everyday women – no celebrities, no well-known names,” Forney said. “I wanted every mom to be able to find herself in the pages of this book and for it to be extremely relatable.”

With more submissions than could be included, Forney had the challenge of narrowing down which essays made the cut.

“We put a great deal of thought into curating a collection that showed the incredibly diverse experiences mothers can have, but that also have some common themes that we can all relate to,” Forney said. Now that she’s a published author, Forney keeps the door open to writing another book.

“It has been such a privilege sharing these stories with the world, and there has been an amazing response to the book and topic,” Forney said. “I’m already being asked about Volume 2. Since the book was published, I have received many additional stories from moms.”

The book is available on

boymoms.org or amazon.com.