Pete Walsh is an eternal optimist, and he feels so strongly that people should fulfill their destinies that he has made it his life’s work to help them get there.

Growing up around entrepreneurial parents, Chrisie Funari always knew she wanted to own her own business. What she didn’t know then was that it would be a nonprofit organization providing support to families coping with a child who has cancer.

You never know who you might run into at the gas station – neighbors, friends, classmates, sure, but the President of the United States?!

Nataliia Baker has come a long way to get to where she is today – long as in 6,300 miles, because that is the distance between Ukraine and Arizona.

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Dr. Milton Scharff’s patients say he is one of a kind, meaning someone who is “caring, patient and amazingly kind,” according to Tammy Peterson, a mother of three who has entrusted her children to Scharff for more than ten years.

If Randy Norton wasn’t consumed with advising global Fortune 500 companies, he might find himself working in sports and entertainment, fulfilling a lifelong attachment to those industries. Don’t count him out, though, for he is one for a challenge.

Once a commercial banker, Jess Roman has gone from serving financial solutions to business owners to serving food and financial support to those most in need: the homeless population.

Some people can’t wait for Fridays – and dread the “Sunday scaries” that eventually lead to Monday. Greg Hoyt is not one of those people. He looks forward to the start of a new week and the opportunity to return to work.

Unicorns have been a fascination throughout the ages. The mythical beings have symbolized human characteristics such as innocence, purity, boldness and positivity. Storytellers have long depicted their healing, nurturing powers. Little wonder, then, that Harmony Fulton says that the unicorn …

Aaron Driscoll describes himself as a “legacy builder.”  And sure enough, his actions and efforts bear this out.

Most of us have hobbies, but Bob Mason has just one, and it’s more of an obsession. When he isn’t sleeping, the 89-year-old former Salt River Project executive is always tinkering, conjuring up yet another mechanical creation.

Shonna James’ life journey has been one of resiliency, resolution and reward. 

At just four years old, Oleg Bortman traveled with his family to the United States, seeking freedoms that they had never known. Born in Kyiv, the Jewish immigrants left Ukraine before the Russians closed the border in 1980.

Christine Ehrich says she needs a “lot of purpose” in her life.

Life circumstances can redefine our lives, just as they did for Janie Dalrymple.

Chris Hayward calls himself a ‘late bloomer,’ but it’s hard to blossom when you’ve been uprooted year after year. Growing up, Hayward attended nine different schools before graduating from high school. 

Brien Butler thought he would never become a father. In fact, he wasn’t positive he wanted children or the sacrifices made to raise them. Those hesitations have long since vanished.

It’s easy to understand why where Keith Woods grew up, and the early life lessons taught by his grandfather, have shaped who he is today – and even, for that matter, where he lives.

Growing up, Jason Boyer spent his playtime building things out of Lego blocks. As he got older, he moved on to model kits, constructing all sorts of things. When he wasn’t caught up in his creations, he helped his dad build or fix things, so it’s of little wonder that he would eventually bec…

There should be little surprise that Terry Woods is a man of honor and allegiance, with a solid commitment to his country and all those around him. 

Like father, like son: That’s how Tim Woods ended up flying Black Hawk Assault Helicopters.

Karen Shell is a renaissance woman if ever there was one. She is equal parts adventurer and heartfelt humanitarian, a dreamer with determination.

If you are ever looking for longtime Arcadia resident John Heckenlaible, an excellent place to start would be the neighboring mountain ranges, as there are few things he loves more than hiking and climbing. 

For someone who says he didn’t have a plan, Bill Byron’s career worked out quite well. 

Good thing that Martha Fogler took four years of Spanish in high school, as it would come in handy years down the road when she became a tireless volunteer and advocate for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters) – a charity that provides homes to orphaned and abandoned …

Shannon Keller grew up in a large, lively family that she credits as shaping who she is today. One of six children and fourth in line, she learned early on to roll with the punches. Literally!

Occasionally you hear someone being described as “larger than life.” Such was the case for Mike Kennedy, as eulogy after eulogy painted the picture of a man whose life was too large to fit on any one canvas.

For someone who claims she got a “late start in life,” this accomplished woman has made up her fair share of ground. Though her budding career was put on hold to raise a family, Susan Junker reengaged the workplace in a way that is making a real difference.

What started as Matthew Richardson’s wife’s infatuation with Chick-fil-A’s lemonade has turned into an entire love affair between the Richardson family and the popular fast-food restaurant chain.

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Tanya Piazza says she always loved having her hair and nails done as a little girl. Little did she know that her infatuation would become a career.

Coley Arnold’s superpower could easily be being a super mom. Or maybe it’s being a super business owner? Then again, why not just call her Superwoman?

Don’t bother boasting about your frequent flyer miles around Tesh Rao, because you will wind up feeling grounded compared to his travels. 

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in the case of Justin Bayless, that couldn’t be truer.

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If ever there was a question about what Graham Rossini was destined to do in his professional life, it didn’t come from anyone who knew him.

Once upon a time, a young lad named Park, along with five brothers, a sister and their parents, grew up in the “Happy H” in Woodinville, Washington. Over time, Park grew tired of the gloom and rain of the Pacific Northwest and decided to move to Phoenix in 1985. 

The question doesn’t faze Bull Earnhardt because he has answered it so many times.

In this time of upheaval, with concerns about the health and well-being of our families, it is most appropriate to introduce an Arcadian that provides care for the immediate neighborhood, not just now but year-round. 

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Who doesn’t love pets? Many people have one or two in their families. Ames McGarey, however, might consider that number a mere “experiment” in pet ownership as she tends to shepherd a pack of dogs at any given time.

One of the newer residents of Arcadia, and one of the most enthusiastic, has traveled a long road to find himself among the citrus trees and bike paths that help define this iconic neighborhood.

Steve Matteucci’s success in his personal and professional life is the product of both his upbringing and his educational and career opportunities.

Ever wonder who helped establish the Arcadia neighborhood and the iconic citrus groves it is known for?

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The best way to describe Bill Herndon is as an “American Patriot.”

The youngest of seven kids in a blue-collar family, Joe Pizzimenti learned early that hard work was the formula for success. Growing up in an Italian borough of Detroit, he and his siblings witnessed just how hard their parents worked and they simply followed their example.

Though she’s quite intelligent, Carol Nalevanko appears to think there are only 25 letters in the alphabet because she always leaves out the “I.” No matter how many times she is asked about herself and her many accomplishments as president of DMB Sports Clubs, she deflects credit or praise a…

If ever there was a “family-style” dental practice, it belongs to Dick Mason, a dentist who has cared for the Arcadia neighborhood for 40 years. And while proud of the care he has provided his patients, his greatest satisfaction has been in the relationships he’s formed.

Few people embody the heart and soul of Arcadia more than Barry Paceley. Those who know him suggest he deserves the title “Ultimate Arcadian.”

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Growing up, Tom McGeorge still remembers his dad saying, “All I ever want is for my kids to be close friends.”

Sara Silver is one of those people that might have you believing that starting a business from scratch is as easy as getting your business cards printed.

St. Vincent de Paul was known for his countless charitable works, but the spiritual hallmarks of this Catholic priest were his attention to the poor and unwavering humility. 

Stephen Danford learned the ABCs of life from his parents, both school teachers with 60 years of combined teaching experience. And his father was quite clear in instructing Stephen, “Do what you were meant to do.”