Five-year-old Winston is off to discover more fun and history in Egypt with the second installment of the Winston Travels books.


After the success of Cynthia Finefrock’s first book, Winston the Traveling Dog, the author realized it was time for her five-year-old Pomeranian to continue traveling – and his adventures have now become a series. The second installment, Winston the Traveling Dog goes to Egypt & Jordan, was published in the spring.

“The fun part of creating the second book was picking where Winston would go,” Finefrock said. “I always loved learning about Egypt as a kid. The pyramids were so exciting and mysterious; I knew Winston had to go there.”

Finefrock traveled to both countries in 2019 and had photos from the trip uploaded on her photography website. Given that this was her second time creating a book, Finefrock had a better idea of how to get everything together.

Instead of writing first and taking Winston’s photos after, Finefrock found it was a much easier process to snap the pictures and create the story around them.

“I feel like we have a groove going on where he knows when I bring my camera downstairs that it’s showtime,” Finefrock said. “I go to the refrigerator, get some cheese, and we go outside. I joke that he was a model in his past life because he knows what he’s doing.”

When Finefrock created her first book, the thought was to take Winston to more common places people travel to, which is why Winston visited London, Paris and other parts of Europe.

This time around, Finefrock wanted Winston to go to a place she loved and had a childhood connection with. She decided to make it more educational by adding additional facts about the places he visits.

“The general theme is still there: all the good things that can come from venturing outside your comfort zone, such as making new friends and sampling new cultures,” the dog mom said.

Finefrock said putting Winston in outfits and costumes made the experience enjoyable and that her favorite outfit was “Indiana Bones.”

While the challenges of having a dog pose for photographs still remain, Finefrock said that it is something that she hopes to continue doing. And for Winston, getting cheese as a treat for modeling is a plus!

Finefrock is working on the next editions of Winston’s adventures and hopes to share those with her audience soon.

Winston the Traveling Dog goes to Egypt & Jordan can be found at Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Target or Amazon.